Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tom Tran Chau (vegan shrimp): Bomb Vegan Noms thanks to Vietnam

     While wandering in Vietnam's Chinatown I stumbled on lots of vegan animal bits, and with impulse strongly wrapping it's arms around my wallet, I got some "shrimp" and "baby squid". They were a whopping 40,000 dong each ($2.00). I haven't had any type of seafood in a long time and even when I did (way back in the day) it was steamed, or raw. What the hell was I to do with this?
veggie shrimp package! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     I don't have very much in my fridge, and haven't for a while. I eat at my school and have been trying to save money...and coming home I'm growing less inspired to create something amazing and energy draining. I usually reach for fruit, but that's been a negative option. So, thanks to my lunch ladies at my school, I have an abundance of cabbage. 
     This Saturday, honestly a bit hungover and unable to ignore the pang SCREAMING in my stomach, I managed to whip up something that was brilliant. 
  ~I think I was delirious, because I started thinking about this cooking project I had in 6th grade where I made tempura shrimp with panko~~inspiration:

And this is what happened:
slightly creepy because...just look at it! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     It was a simple yet delicious meal. My taste-buds EACH had their own heart attack. I've been eating so much raw food, it was nice to have something warm and with a little crunch. 
     I kind of threw things together and it all worked out...so the following is more or less and guestimate...

What you need:
~package of creepy seafood vegan meat
~2-3 T whole wheat flour
~1 T sesame seeds
~2 cloves garlic chopped
~BIG handful raw cabbage
~1 T olive oil
~1-2 T soy sauce
~splash of water
~as much hot pepper as you like!!

What to Do:
1. drain the seafood vegan meat and set aside
2. mix the sesame seeds and flour together in a bowl and throw in the "meat" and batter it up a tad
3. on med-high heat throw in that oil, and when it starts to heat up, throw in the meat. 
4. turn over when it starts to brown, then add the garlic and cabbage
5. stir fry for about five minutes, or until the cabbage become soft, then add the soy sauce and water
6. let the liquids boil off, then throw in the hot pepper and mix

now nom it up!

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