Saturday, August 6, 2011

On to Mui Ne: Taking the Train!!

      Our next destination was the luxurious beaches and  sand dunes of Mui Ne! Phil and Laura have brought this gem of a place up and I'd be lying if I wasn't positively giddy about hitting up this spot! Ani and I were going to get there via train, I haven't taken any train trains since Boston so...childlike giddy about that also.
     Since we just wrapped up some dark times at the War Remnants Museum, and a tough Yoga routine, we managed to work up an appetite but...lacking on any decent time. We went to a kiosk like shop, got ripped opp and got the quirky candies.
blueberry ice-cream oreos! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
      Oreos a vegan, weird eh! I haven't had these children size cream cookies for years but my eyes saw this flavor and instant purchase. It was tangy and offered up a unique flavor, blueberry extract was legit. Ani and I were wishing it was a double-stuffed. >.<#
     The other purchases were on traditional Vietnamese candy, pressed cane sugar syrup and loads of seeds and nuts. Sweet, packed full of protein and loads of crunchy textures. My type of energy source!
banana sweetened nut and sesame seed snack, tamarind nutty snack, and peanuts molded in syrup (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The banana and tamarind snacks were like super sweetened Lara bars, but offering a more natural salty pairing. The tamarind one was much better, not as sweet and a smoother texture. I can't believe how little tamarind I've had in my life. I'm still a bit scared of it...resembling poop and all >.<$
     The train was pure chaos. People screaming and yelling at one another across the carts, no one following seat numbers, throwing parcels and boxes from one side to another. People were in a constant state of confusion and my anxiety levels were roller-coasting. I just wanted to quiet and breathe.
     By the time seating was arranged, the air condition was on FULL blast, Ani and I only packed resort clothes. I had a lace cover but...sad attempts of warmth! Trains are one or the other, no air conditioning at all or full blasting teeth chattering.
     As nervous and aggravated as I was initially, as soon as we were seated I did the usual people watching scheme. This train was stock full of families, travelling with luggage and groceries and meals! Everyone was still hollering, but there was a lot I found myself to be able to resonate with.
     When I was younger, traveling with family was a scurried high stress event. Clutching onto far too many bags and heavily taped boxes, moving legs like the road runner to the trains and buses, Korean being spat in a stressed hiss- and this would last until we were all seated. Similar to the plane scene in "Home Alone' many more bags and hand grappling.
     Topping off this train ride was a continuing video tape of Vietnamese tv shows mirroring "American Idol" and "America's Got Talent"-


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