Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mui Ne: Ani finds Schwammy

     While walking the streets of Hanoi, or really anywhere in Vietnam you'll often see chained up dogs and cats. They're more bony than plump but these animals are used for meat consumption. Now before getting in a tizzy about it...Vietnam uses EVERYTHING, every single part of the animal. There are no parts thrown out, chucked somewhere; I'm not into eating animals but I'm not into telling others how they should live their life. I have much more respect for those that hunt for need, and use every single part of the animal versus those that purchase animal flesh slapped on plastic wrapped styrofoam. Their life, their lifestyle... Getting upset over every animal that's locked on chains of course is upsetting but there is a culture that must be concerned before getting violently raged. Some cultures genuinely don't have a lot of money backing them up and feeding your family is of main concern.
     That aside, while in Mui Ne, Ani and I dined at Vietnam Family Restaurant (to come to come) and we fell in love with a tiny white terrier mix. Ani wanted to steal her away, we were inspired to rescue this pup, give it a loving home, clean her scars, heal her we dined here almost everyday while in Mui Ne. Not just because the food was good but...we wanted to get Schwammy (Shwa-me).
sweet thing (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     This pup was beyond sweet, with a gentle face and cute swingy tail she loved to be loved. She would lie by our feet and sit in our laps while we stroked her tangled, sandy, and greasy fur. The had some old scars and scabs on her back and desperately needed a bath.
     The owner of the restaurant is an entire family, but the head owner was a man (sorry, I forgot his name.) We asked him everyday if we could take Schwammy and...ugh this was the initial conversation.
     Ani: Can we have her, can we take her?
     He: hmm, her? Want her?
     Ani: Yes, can we take her...
     He: barbeque?
     Both of us were shocked..What, No!! For pet, can we have her? How much money?
It kind of went back and forth...we left feeling uneasy and afraid that this pup may be skewered and eaten by the next tourist..."curious about dog meat."
^^* (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Eventually, we realized that he was joking. He insisted that he loved this pup and she had a husband, and he couldn't separate them. We offered a lot of money and he denied every time  "I love this dog, she is my friend, she is my daughter." Then he showed us pictures of her growing up and even riding his motorbike!
happy family! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Everyday we visited Schwammy and played with her. And everyday he insisted that he would not cook her, he was teasing he said. If anything...even if he was not joking, we hope he realizes more so what an awesome pup Schwammy is.

On our last night, she followed us for a while...she loved Ani!

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