Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sawole Boribap: 사월보리밥

     Before peacing to Vietnam, I grabbed some noms with a couchsurfer at Sawole Boribap (사월보리밥). I've eaten here before and love the 도토리묵, so naturally, grabbed this again.
dotori muk (도토리묵) and banchan (반찬) photo taken by VeganBeats
     There are loads of vegan options at Sawole. A bunch of different types of 부리밥, vegan 반찬, and of course the 도토리묵. Their 도토리묵 is served on a big plate, and they don't skimp on anything. There's fresh greens chopped up and mixed throughout, along with thin cuts of cucumber, and thin ribbon strips of sweet onion. They also layer it in soft and crisp seaweed (김) and ground peanuts. The sauce is spicy, cool, and refreshing and the 묵 is soft and lovely. I really love this healthy!
yum! (photo taken by VeganBeats)

Directions: Gangnam station (강남역)line 2,
get out of exit 5 and walk straight and take the second left (7 eleven is on the corner)
Walk straight and pass about three buildings on your left side,
It's in the same building as the Mister Pizza.

사월에보리밥 강남점
South Korea 서울특별시 서초동 1316-29
Phone #: +82-2-596-5292

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