Friday, August 12, 2011

Mui Ne: Blue Moon drinks...our last night and the traveling day

     Paradise had to come to an end..a pause (we will resume someday for sure.) Mui Ne was a dream, a relaxing, stunning, place of immense relaxation, comfort, and beauty~ can you tell I am quit fond of it?
     In honor of our last nigh, Ani and I were on a quest for some hookah. We saw a place right across the street but when we wandered over (it was POURING) was closed. We then remembered that a couple days prior, we drove by a dingy sign promoting 'shisha'~ motivated and ready we started walking. and walking. and walking. For about three miles, in the rain, we trucked on, determined and stubborn (I was the stubborn...sorry Ani! ^^*!~)
     Eventually, growing a little impatient, we decided to grab some drinks and taxi back. We were tired (everyday exploring AND hard soccer...c'mon!) We stopped in at Blue Moon restaurant, a French and German run place with lots of seafood. We opted for their Mango vodkas. Which was freshly pureed mangoes, vodka and a splash of lime juice. Verdict: good, but pricey (90,000 dong~ $4.50) considering the prices we usually paid.
mango, vodka and sweet limes...(photo taken by VeganBeats)
     After drink one we decided, hell let's get another round of the same...and they were OUT of mangoes?!!! What?! So we went for some other tropical expensive concoctions...
some tropical concoctions (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Not great drinks, but fruity and had alcohol...Most expensive bill we had...these drinks cost more than our entire MEALS!!
     We taxi'd back, wandered to our room and started packing...already we were feeling the glum about leaving this place. The staff, the wandering, sand dunes...all of it. Before passing out, we both chimed "We'll be back."
          I have a feeling that we will be!

     In the morning, as we checked out, the entire staff of Mai Am bid adew with warm smiling and gleaming faces. This new family, our new friends...I truly want everyone to meet these wonderful souls! Ani and I signed the guestbook too (so if you go!!!) and as we bid farewell, without realizing it, we were in for another adventure.
     Our taxi driver didn't know where the train station was and took us to a different one. Who knew there were two in Mui Ne. It started raining and as the "Pizza Hut" song blasted in the cab (the Aqua hits followed along with some Girl Scout classics)... As it was pouring, we were taken through some winding loops where clearly no foreign femmes have been present. Needless, we got some attention. As the rain stopped we barreled through roads lined with dragonfruit plants. Serious, the cows, THE COWS eat dragonfruit here...what I'd do to be a cow or bird in Vietnam.
     About an hour or so later, we arrived to our destination...but now worried that our train may be late and that we'd be missing our flight. worries. When we did get to the Ho Chi Minh City airport, we had time to kill and grumbling tummies.
     I finally had a che of my own and...sweet, but good. Reminded me a bit of Sikhae, but...sweetened long green beans in it!!
che! pressed cane sugar, sweet green beans, berries, and a chestnut...(photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Our flight was quick, we got home...and...eeep I passed out~

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