Monday, August 15, 2011

Hanoi: Weasel Coffee

     I've dropped a line about it a couple times already and can't explain how awesome the coffee is in Vietnam. Strong, full flavored, but not it doesn't hurt. It's sweet, flavorful, and...just moan! The coffee alone is worth tripping over to Vietnam. Phil and Laura have raved about it, there are posts littering the net and books alike about how spectacular the coffee is naturally, I followed the scent and scene of coffee beans.
     Most of my money, a high percentage of it goes towards coffee here in Seoul, but now...since Vietnam I've spent nothing on coffee. It seems utterly disrespectful and a full fledged waste cosh and energy to purchase coffee in Seoul. Watered down, acidic, low quality beans...yech.
     Wandering the Old Quarter, Ani was more than patient and kind enough to swirl the crisscrossed roads to locate these one "Weasel coffee" joint. When we found eyes popper out- Roger Rabbit style.
loads of Weasel coffee! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Weasel coffee are coffee beans that have literally been picked out of weasel poo. Apparently weasels have a fondness for coffee beans and started crunching on bean farms. The weasels, or civets, eat coffee berries and the proteolytic enzymes in their stomachs seep into the beans, making the beans less bitter. Someone had the brilliant idea to collect the pooey beans and sell it to the coffee curious. It is supposed to be the most expensive coffee of the world.
     In the shop I went to, the owners allowed me a taste of this special stuff and...I was surprised. I expected something that tasted like...well poo. Instead, I got a warm, woody sweet drink that gave me a little buzz and made me want to close my eyes and really enjoy this tiny cup.
my sample! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Result, I bought a bag of their "best stuff"~ for about 280,000 dong, $24.00 for a tiny bag. Worth it I saving it for a super special occasion, yes.

I want to go back and buy too much more...So Vietnam venturers, find this poopy coffee, and realize that 'shit aint that bad.'


  1. I had the same experience, and decided to bring it home. the same product is available in North America at

  2. I have the same favorite w you, I used to buy 2kg weasel coffee at Ma May street, Old Quarter. I like this coffee so much, I'm not a connoiseur of coffee but I'm all crazy about coffee. So I just fall in love w this coffee after smelling and trying it. I bought at Huong Mai cafe and I think it is great w me. Absolutely, I will come back there to buy it again.