Wednesday, August 3, 2011

(Com Chay MAY TRANG) White Cloud Vegetarian Resturaunt; My First Vietnam dining experience

     Prior to Vietnam landing I knew of the classic Vietnamese dishes and sadly intregal components of those dishes are beef or fish sauce. My heart was set on tropical sexy fruits and discovering how to survive vegan style in this supremely sweaty country.
     Ani knew of an all vegan restaraunt, and could vouge for it. She's gone there several times and I am so glad that this small intimate place was brought to my palate. The open doored, bamboo chair lined, and comfortable space was beyond comfortable and cared for. We were the only people to start dining and an amazingly sweet woman, Thui greeted us with kind smiles and a big heart.
photo taken by VeganBeats
     The menu is full of creative dishes and Vietnamese staples. There are loads of fresh juices (salted apricot juice), soups, "light food", spring rolls, tofu dishes, gluten bases, classic rice and noodles dishes, and desserts. I've read all about the topical fruit salads and usually they're made with pork, naturally jumped at the greens! Here's some food porn!
Nom hoa chuoi~ banana flower salad (photo taken by VeganBeats)
    The salad was chalk-full of texture and shining complimenting flavors. The sweetness paired well will the mint leaves, the rigid banana flowers balanced with the apples, it was a delicate complex salad that kept meeting with my chopsticks.
com gao lut and dau phu sot ca chua~ brown rice [with lotus seeds and black soy beans] and tofu cooked with tomato sauce (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The rice was full of black soy beans and had lotus seeds in it! It was nutrious and had a sweet nuttiness to it...nom!The tofu cooked with tomato sauce was great, not overwhelming, hinting with a spicey sweetness and the cooked cherry tomatoes gave a flirty little addition.
nem ram~ spring rolls (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     We had both the fresh and fried spring rolls. I was assured that fried tasted better (lightly pan fried) and we'll just say...this led to a Vietnam "tour!"
in the back: quay dau xanh tam vung chien~ fried mung bean batter with sesame (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The fried mung bean batter with sesame is great, crispy, warm, and light! It was served with a syrupy spicey sauce and some fresh mint leaves. This is a favorite at Ani's house (tenants before her always got it)! The mung beans create a teasing nutty flavor and it works really well with the toasty flavors of sesame. It is simple, light, and has a very healthy taste to it, even though it's fried, it has no oil residue and heavy feeling to it!!
     The mixture on the side is a combination of ground peanuts and sesame seeds...a magic mixture really! Add it to anything in the menu and you can't go wrong! The entire menu has no msg and is all organic!
     White Cloud is an easy favorite. It's slow, quality food that is more than affordable and savory! If you're going to dine here, stow away an hour at least, they take their time really putting love into everything.

This was a hell of a way to begin the dining exploration of Vietnam!

So 2 Ngo 12 Dang Thai Mai,HaNoi
No.2, alley 12, Dang Thai Mai street, Hanoi

phone: 04)-6258-1622

hours: Monday through Sunday 11am to 2 pm and 5pm to 9pm

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