Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hanoi: White Cloud...take out

     The days were full of rain in Hanoi, and our bodies were tired. After so much vitamin D and visual stimulation, our bodies were tired. One night we stayed in and went for our staple~ White Cloud! They do take out!! The tv was looking REAL nice and as the rain poured around us, wine glasses and tea in hand, we enjoyed GLEE, trashy American tv (The Bachelor yech but I must watch the next episode!!) and pajamas!
     The dishes we went for of course were the classic fried mung bean, more spring rolls and some new dishes. We started off with the Num du du (green papaya salad), a classic and popular 'salad' dish of Vietnam and Thailand.
Nom du du (Green papaya salad) photo taken by VeganBeats
      The nom du du cost 40,000 dong ($2.00) and was flavorful but I think the whole 'take out' aspect took away from the freshness. I've never been super into papaya, it's too sweet and starchy but I really enjoyed the chopped carrots and mint. The sauce/marinade was a mixture of brown rice vinegar, lime juice, some cane juice, and a little bit of pepper. It balanced very well together, but...papaya is just not for me.
     We also went with a new tofu dish, the Dau phu va dua xao miso (tofu cooked with pineapple and miso). The dish was a bit lackluster in flavor, the tofu a tad over-cooked (so it was a bit spongy) but the pineapples were good. The miso wasn't very strong either. The dish cost 45,000 dong ($2.25).The dau phu sot ca chua (tofu with tomato sauce) is much better. But It's always good to try things.
from bottom left and counter clockwise: tofu with pineapple and miso, spring roll,  and fried mung bean (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The meal would have tasted much better if fresh, but that's a given when you do take-out. But it was super nice and wonderful to kick it chill style, be girls, talk with loads of parts...and watch some crummy American crap.

Crap...but to entertaining...(reminds me that I'm in fact brighter that most bulbs....phew)

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