Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cool Kicking Creating!!!

     I'm finally doing the Master Cleanse! I've been reading all sorts of things about it, seen so many references to it, and heard about it from loads of friends. I've juggled with the idea of this cleanse because I assumed it would be horrid, more so the lemonade cayenne concoction would be inedible (drinkable?!) but I'm five days in (halfway) and so far LOVING it! I am filled with energy, I feel healthier, clearer, more focused, and calmer~ more collected. I figured this cleanse NEEDED to happen because I was getting a bit stuck, a bit lost, and short with my tolerance of those surrounding me. I wanted a hollistic healing, a way to connect with the present and not let it be clouded with hate. (Mononoke whaaaat!!!!) I was meaning to keep a diary of each day, but I will throw up a big post covering each day once I wrap this MC up!!
     That's a wee lemony-update!

     Before the MC mission, I got a home-cooked/made-with-love-and-sweat meal that has left me lingering for it's return! I've had difficulty consuming and digesting night shades (white potatoes, peppers, etc) and recently have been reintroducing them to my diet and plate. I always wandered produce sections, longingly setting sights on the cute, plump, and fun bell peppers; they're smiling bright orange colors and yellow sunny-ness and like a hungry wolf, salivated over them. I WANTED and WANT to snap on bell peppers. I began with thin slivers and gradually increased my intake of them and I've got myself now purchasing them every week. Scotty Soul made me something featuring these once "dangerous" nightshades and...this Vegan lady was in bliss...
Scotty Soul's Vegan Creation..ughhhh~ photo taken by VeganBeats
ughhhh.....look at that color!!!
      He made quinoa, tomato, and kidney bean stuffed bell peppers, roasted root veggies, and a broccoli herb salad! Seeing all this color, smelling all the savor goodness stirred up a rumble in my stomach and I couldn't stop savoring each bite. I've never had stuffed peppers (vegan style) before and I honestly was overwhelmed! It was all gluten free too! Well, the roasted roots had a wee bit of whole wheat flour...but that's because he's got a secret method to making potatoes extra crunchy and soft. I got seconds, and dreamed...still dream about this meal. :sigh:
     Another fun project was done...the FIRST Scott-hee creation was for a dear and wonderful friend for his birthday! I've been drawing more and Scotty Soul is amazing at graffiti and throw ups so we collaborated on this piece here! There will be more Scott-hee creations to come...just wait!
Scott-hee's first creation~ photo taken by VeganBeats
      And...just because there should be a bit more "vegan" trending on this here blog, this is a crispy baked curry I made last week (before the lemonade deal). I baked tofu, zucchini, onions, and broccoli and made them crunchy with sweet potato starch (a little inspired by crunchy jazz) and made a spicy and thick curry sauce with kale, cabbage, onions, and bean sprouts. Result...gluten free, crunchy, spicy, hot, steamy greatness!
curry jazz~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     Recipes to come...just want to perfect this more....Next post will be as soon as I wrap up the MC!!!

until then~

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Snuggling up with my "Child side"

     We are a compilation of parts; an immense mix tape of genres, songs, instruments, melodies, tones, and vibrations. There are no other albums like us. 
~~~~Not too far beneath my surface lies a sensitive, naive, and very childlike person; my imaginative curious baby part. Along with that, nestled right next to it is a space cadet. A wide-eyed child filled with dreams and colourful spouts of energy, itching to twirl into her magical world of creativity. I'm trying to get greater connected with these child parts; explore the majestic surrounding that I once marinated in. I want to support and exist in the imagination and support endless creativity. I'm still attaching my fingers and energy to creating art and making physical pieces, and while doing this as of late, I've been immersed in the fascination of hybrids and animals. I've always had a thing for fantasy, spirit animals, powers to turn into an animal....animorphs. If anyone remember this particular series, a bunch of adolescents had the power to change/morph into any animal...but only for a two hour limit. If they went over this limit, they were forever in this form. I've created and built a list of animals I would and WANT to morph into and experience and ground with...
     I've been absent for quite a bit of time, apologies. I wish I had some vegan food porn to provide you with...instead, here are some art doodads that I've been doing...fostering this little witch inside.
foxy girl...step one, by VeganBeats
Foxy girl, step VeganBeats
Foxy girl, finished~ by VeganBeats
Wolf Womyn, step one~ by VeganBeats
Wolf Womyn, step two~ by VeganBeats
Wolf Womyn finished~ by VeganBeats
Gargoyle Angel Girl~ by VeganBeats

      These ladies are simply for fun....for now, and I want to work with 'Wolf Womyn' a bit more....(my wolf obsession as of late is not very well-hidden)... I'm using ink, pencil, marker, and coloured pencils...
             Oh...and doing some eye practice!!
eye practice, pencil~ by VeganBeats
     I know it really isn't perfect, or that good but....persevere and determination, along with being anal and a jerk-faced perfectionist...someday~
    Vegan noms side...not 100% gluten free, but 95%!!! And...I've been eating a bit too squirrely (nuts, seeds, and dry fruits) which does add loads of protein and fiber to the body..but fat, and my mind is a bit of a toxic place when it focuses on this particular womyn. I've been feeling lazy (ergh) and want to up the fruit intake, lower the nuts and seeds (but keep up fiber), and soon I will embark on a detox cleanse.....fighting!!!