Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween in Hongdae~ and zombies....

Last night was a Halloween celebration in Hongdae*!~
I missed out on the crews Zombie walk, but I got some sick pics of the crew dressed up as zombies and scared the Seoul Subway system...I wish I was undead with them....
Dressed their finest, happy loving zombies*!~
photo taken by VeganBeats
zombie love and super hero!!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
Kevin "Do I look like Mr.Bean?"
photo taken by VeganBeats
photo taken byVeganBeats
Liam, Kevin, and Philippe...a little man zombie love
photo taken by VeganBeats
I love this picture!!! Kevin
photo taken by VeganBeats
     So my costume was not nearly as obvious or as loud as I would have liked it to have been, but I mentioned it earlier, inspired by the movie Kickass I was a superhero..and hey I was hella sick, so I did what I could with the limited supplies I had...I will scrounge up more pics and videos (hopefully) or zombies scaring Seouls*!~

to everyone

Saturday, October 30, 2010

순두부 and a bit sick )O:

ahhh I'm sick )O:

grumble grumble....
I have spent the entire day sleeping, relaxing and taking it more than easy, but hell, it's nearly 9pm, I've been inside all day...not my character...out...again*!~
Also, it's Halloween weekend, it would be more than out of character for I to stay in, to not celebrate the GREATEST holiday ever....tonight I will be a superhero...a pretty laid back one, Halloween isn't popular at all in Korea...)O:
My inspiration, KickAss, if only I could be as badass as the many other ways I am.

Whoa, I can tell my English is getting a bit sloppy.....
Anyways, today I did some quick cooking to help out with this lame sickness deal...I made soon dubu (spicey tofu stew) 순두부 and for a first time, it turned out pretty yummy! I mean, it was just what this sick woman needed. I haven't been sick in years, so this hit me really hard, ahhh common cold.
순두부 could have been spicier...
photo taken by VeganBeats
My apartment was rather dark, so poor quality photo (how many times will I complain about this until I splurge and spoil myself with a good camera?)
Anyways, it was spicey, comforting, and just what my body needed....

Anyways, will update later, much love*!~

Friday, October 29, 2010


Thursday was so fun....and such a long day~~!
I had to go to Insadong (인사덩) and get my registration card, then book it back to work, open my bank account over break, decorate the school for the Halloween party, and lots of lesson planning...continuing really. I had to set up more for the BIG HALLOWEEN day....(later post) then after work to Nowon (노훤)!
Walked over around 7, to discover that it woul dtake a hella lot longer to truck it over, (about 30 minutes, and it's COLD here now) but caught a bus that took me directly to Lotte World...just hectic, but good. I was anxious, excited, ready for what was to come..whatever it would be, pretty confident it would be fun no matter*!~
When I got to Lotte, completely overwhelmed and...GAHHH All this stuff going on so close to me, and I've been kicking it in Junggye where there's only Hagwons (학원)...Lotte is huge, so meeting Jin where he was...wherever he was, I looked more than idiotic and felt increasingly simple minded to fail at accurate locating.....HE came to me, couldn't find me, I found him..ㅎㅎ
Anyways, wandered and found some yummy Vegan eats!!
We went to this tiny place that served jeon (전) and mmuk (묵). Mmuk is acorn jelly and...yumm! I love this stuff. The texture is weird to a lot of people, it's not slimy, firmer jello...I wish I could describe it well..but...We got some kimchi to start off, this was the banchan (반찬) bit..
kimchi, pickled onions, and makali (마카리)
photo taken by VeganBeats
 This stuff, the mmuk...ahhh, ahhh, I LOVE this stuff. I really need to learn how to make it from scratch! It's only acorn powder and water (I think) but I can't find acorn powder...and I've heard it's a bit tricky. Funny, the fewer the ingredients, the more difficult it is to master...)O:
mmuk (묵) maybe this is 도톨묵무침)
photo taken by VeganBeats
 It was spicey, crunchy, flight, and it felt good eating, my body was definately thanking me*!~
This is the variety of jeon (전) and other fried veggies we got...Jin asked they make it with no egg...and with a promise of cash versus plastic...we got ultra crunchy nummy veggies*!~
There is fish on the left side...not for me...but the ajumas were doing so much already who am I to insult?!~
:O)  the kimchi jeon was so good*!~
photo taken by VeganBeats
I'm such an awful person, taking photos of mid-nomming...though this was a pose*!~ Good sports all around, chyea*!~
"so yummy!"
photo taken by VeganBeats
Venturing to new places, finding hole in the wall places, having BOMB Korean eats and beautiful Seouls....Regardless of the busy non-stop rushing day,..I had a blast*!~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome Hamlet*!~

Today was a fun day, my students are awesome, as always!
I can't believe it's only Tuesday...eiii I have plans on Thursday, nervous, anxious...what to wear?! (did I think that, yes....yes I did.)
Anyways, this post is to welcome Hamlet*!~
photo taken by VeganBeats

Monday, October 25, 2010

두부마을 eats with the family

So after my time in Hongdae I met up with the family for the weekly Sunday get together...this time we went to a traditional tofu house, my emo says it's translated as tofu traditional house or tofu village...I didn't get many pictures...too groggy, too sleepy and too out of it to really focus on picture taking...
I rememember ending my time earlier than I really wanted to just to catch the subway back, we were supposed to meet and go out at 1:30...was late myself only to stumble upon an even later family. My emo, though amazing has a tendency to speak rather loudly...ei ei ei.
Anyways, we didn't meet up with the rest of the crew until 2:30pm and I was starving...hadn't eaten anything but ice coffees all day, eep. Anyways...there was so much amazing banchan, vegetable radish and cabbage kimchi, spicey lettuce (my favorite), squash and chive pancakes (jeon), pickled garlic, dry fried mushrooms, sweet persimmon tofu, green tea tofu, soft tofu, lotus root, soy bean sprouts, japchae, pumpkin grewl, etc etc etc.,..and the main attraction was the boiled spicey stew of tofu and about ten different types of mushroom...
spicey, silky, full bodied stew...perfect
photo taken by VeganBeats
There were some non-vegan options, dried fish, spicey fish, afterall this place is called a healthy food place, and has it's health benefits and I am not one to tell others that their lifestyle or dietary choice is wrong or something anyone should ever feel guilty about...
banchan banchan banchan. japchae (top left), cabbage kimchi, dried fish and seaweed, dry fried spicey swuash *lower center), spicey soybean sprouts, soft tofu (top right), spicey fish, scallion jeon...
photo tkane by VeganBeats
Another shot of the banchan, though half demolished...I had onlya bowl full of food, was just not in the mood to gorge...but damn, Koreans can eat. All the banchan was filled atleast twice over....ㅎㅎㅎ
photo taken by VeganBeats
This is a pic of the retuarant from the front, it was really cozy, cute, and...felt so calming...
photo taken by VeganBeats
This place is great for omnivores too...and more than vegan friendly. I definatly will make the trip back here...but maybe with a different crew...
Especially after the immense lack of sleep...a chiller calmer crew is in order...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Food and more Weekend Business*!~

Lots to update on, but I'm remembering this blog is supposed to have some food in it, some Vegan slices of heaven...
My emo has been talking about her BOMB japchae since I have gotten here, and a while ago she made me a WHOLE bunch of it an dI have to say, it was pretty damn tasty*!~ Lots and LOTS of veggies (I really kind of hate noodles, so thank you Emo!)
Check this out~~ (PS! working on my hangul, so I am guessing on how to spell some of the Korean not, DO NOT quote me on any of these....I'll let you know if I am near right)
nom nom nom
photo taken by VeganBeats
All that spinach...and carrots...are you speaking ot my heart Emo?!~
photo taken by VeganBeats
Potatoe noodles are used for Japchae, super yummy. They are light, not heavy and slightly sweet (atleast to these tastebuds of mine!) There's suprising a lot of prep work involved for this dish. You need to soak dried shitake mushrooms, then lightly blanch and pan fry them, set them aside, fry the carrots with a little salt and sesame oil, set aside. Blanch the spinach, dry them, and let them cool down. On the other hand you make a sauce of sesame oil, garlic, sugar, soy sauce, a kiss of vinegar and sesame seeds, add the spinch to it, mix thoroughly...boil the noodles, make a sauce of sesame oil, a kiss of sugar, a kiss of soy sauce, and sesame seeds, mix all the veggies together and add salt until it's to your liking. My emo has mastered japchae (잪재artistry...nom nom nom*!~

This is another dish I made one of these past weeks, I had some veggies waiting to be played with (mmmm) so of course I did! These are oyster mushrooms, carrots, garlic (nom nom nom), and yellow sweet yams. I threw a splash of sesame oil and rice oil (yes, rice oil) into a pan and let it heat up a bunch, threw in the potatoes, and let those bubble up a bit (I really never can master potatoes..kind of don't like them...AAAAA) then I threw in the carrots...after I cut them I threw them in ice cold water...for some reason I feel like they taste better, fresher this way....annnyyyyways then I threw in the mushrooms, sliced thin and then about threee good sized cloves of garlic...everything was on medium heat and I continually mixed...threw in some kimchi broth (my kimchi!!!) and obviously the staples soy sauce and sesame seeds...when the oil burnt (?) off I added some water, vinegar and some left over green tea (why, experiment), then a little red chilli powder...result, a steamy yummy flavorful concoction....
I could do without the potatoes though...just not a fan of the textures.... the weekend, another GREAT ONE*!~
Friday night I busted out of work, showered, dressed, and met up with Jaxs and Stephanie...Hongdae, again! I live in Hongdae....
It's across town and I've been there this entire weekend, nearly and seriously...ahhh
Went back to papa Gorilla and as expected, had a wonderful time!I went and visitied a buddy (O: ~~
Anyways...the night was great and...eventful to say the least.
Left Gorilla around 3 am and took a cab with Jaxs and Kevin to Gangnam and the cab driver tried to rip us nearly 100% more the actual price..he locked us in the cab and when I tried toget out he grabbed me, GRABBED my arm...bruised. Now I don't swear, but I was fuming and never ever grab me, or a woman, ever I don't care how pissed, how angry how whatever you are...if you want to send me into a violent swearing extremely articualte (O; raging energy...try me...
Physical altercation with a cab driver..he got out of his cab after we all scrambled out and seriously...I don't think this jerk will mess with three foreigners again, we were not violent or agressive, just grounded...we would not and refused to take any BS...he got in his cab...left...grrrr
Anyways.....morning after I left Gangnam to go visit my emo and this is what I passed....
A GIANT BURGER.....blech....

My mom is in Korea visiting my halmuni (하무니) and harabagi (하라바기) so kicked it over to their place and rested. I was all ready to nuzzle up in my covers and get some rest...recover and all that good jazz...I was going to go to the G20 concert and see Rain and 2am...but bailed )O:  and Jaxs shot me a text saying Hongdae again...thought about it for maybe an hour then got showered, ready and peaced...didn't get there until around midnight..but so glad I went...!!! Met up with the crew...and not a ton of pictures but...chyea*!~
Phillip and Kevin....sassy*!~
photo taken by VeganBeats
Phillip is a rocker!! Dance partners yea!!! So much "GREAT" music was playing...rocked out to JaRule...hellz yea*!~
Phillip, Kevin, and Brian
photo taken by VeganBeats
 Still many creepafaces but I was with my crew...creepafaces blocked*!~
Jin (진우)!!!~~
photo taken by VeganBeats
 Spent a wonderful time (as always) with Jaxs*!~ I seriously cannot put into words how happy and wonderful it is to have such a beautiful person Seoul, so close to me!!! Jaxs...ahhh there will be a Jaxs post!

I love me some Jaxs*!~

my lovie*!~
photo taken by VeganBeats
Jaxs and I stayed until way way late and kciked it with the Gorilla crew (VIP whaaa)
Didn't actually leave Hongdae until much later today, I've been up for far too many hours,....had a wonderful day, kicked it with some Great people (O:
Thinking Gorilla next week....How did I start liking clubs?*!~??!?~

Friday, October 22, 2010

MY Birthday...getting older and celebrating it OUTSIDE of the states!! night 2*!~

So last night I got off work around 6, hadn't showered, so drained from the day but made plans to go to Wednesday Woodstock, in Gangnam. Wednesday Woodstock is a weekly get together with Jaxs and her crew at a bar in Gangnam. Lots of cheap beer, good music, and from what I heard...great people.
I hustled home, showered up and still managed to spend two hours groggily wandering around...Met up with JAxs around 10 (eeeep) and was welcomed to a SUPRISE BIRTHDAY!!! I entered this teeny bar full of fifty people (all this English whaaa!!!) singing Happy Birthday! There was a vegan cake from sticky fingers and...ahh Jaxs...xoxoxoxoxo
photo taken by VeganBeats
 What a delicate and beautiful cake!! Everyone in the bar was GEPIK people, so I met all sorts of individuals from IReland, Scotland, the states...etc!! It felt like I was in New York, or Providence...just...familiar!
photo taken by VeganBeats
 There was lots of laughs, lots of great energy and so much wonderful music. IT was great because we all got to request stuff and...I felt so honored, so special....left and right I heard "Birthday girl's choice" etc etc etc...I didn't take advantage but I didn't deny privilages! I got to hear Wilco, the Ramones, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, AND David Bowie!!!

Oh, Jaxs and I got a free Jager shot....jeezum!
Another gaged fellow, meet Garret
photo taken by VeganBeats
playing with fire
photo taken by VeganBeats
photo taken by VeganBeats
The night ended with more dancing, more new faces...and a slumber party at Jaxs'!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you...turning old is still tasting sweet

cookies (peanut butter, chocolate chip, sugar, and coconut), more cookies (almond bites and shortbread), cinnamon cocnut swirl bread, and walnut almond cake
photo taken by VeganBeats
Oh by mention of sweter, Sticky Fingers has been making BANK off of my Birthday....check out what my emo suprised me with!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

MY Birthday...getting older and celebrating it OUTSIDE of the states!! night 1*!~

A new year, another start...a new number now attached to my life...ahhh I'm getting older. As we all are every second of every minute of every day..but Birthdays have this significance where (at least I) we review the past year, the past failures, regrets (none), accomplishments, obstacles, etc. Birthdays are everyone's official "New Year."
This is the first time where I celebrated (and still am) my Birthday outside of the states, away from old friends, old familiar buddies and my crew. I do miss them all very much, but it is with a sweetened coating.

This year I went out with a new crew!!

First things, didn't get out of work until 7, and didn't really manage to shower...AND I had a futon to move out of my place...I sprinted home, jumped in the shower, whipped on some clother, threw a futon down three flights of stairs then yanked on those hot boots and to the subway...

Got to Konkuk University and met up with Steph and Jaxs...then Brian and Kevin, Jin met up with us later. We cruised around and found a pricey bar and started the night with a Long Island Ice tea...then Jin before sipping, grabbed him!

Drink was good, super sweet and super strong...but of course couldn't taste anything so A-ok!! All the ladies got a Long island, Brian got a beer (I think), Kevin got a White Russian and Jin got a gin and tonic...that apparently tasted like water.

After drinks we wandered to a hookah bar and then...well things got hazy!
what hookah flavor...bucket or pure shots?!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
Trying to figure out what to get...I don't generally like making up the decision for a group, I mean I do love having control *yelp* but when it's kicking it and celebrating, I'd rather let the crew do what we are meant to do...Every hookah flavor I wanted the place was out of, and we tried to, well I tried to barter down a bottle of a free cocktail and free shot though!! huzzah!!
Kevin and Steph
photo taken by VeganBeats
I got drunker (of course) than planned, heya I had work at 9 am!!!
Steph and I
photo taken by VeganBeats
OF course, the night was full of love and snuggles...just how I like them!!
Brian and Kevin
photo taken by VeganBeats
My free fruity cocktail!!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
photo taken by VeganBeats
photo taken by VeganBeats
photo taken by VeganBeats
As silly and embarassing as this may be to admit, I wish I had a little invisible photographer kicking it with me all the time, then I don't have to awkwardly whip out my camera and try to take candid photos to capture moments...telling people "DON'T POSE!!" only gets you so far....
Jin and I
photo taken by VeganBeats
my lovie my bestie, my Jaxs
photo taken by VeganBeats
Night one (yes, night one) of my birthday was wonderful!
The fact that all these people came out to kick it meant soso much...
The night ended wonderfully too!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Saturday night I went out with Jaxs and a crew to Hongdae...just got in from a day of shopping and was ready to go out!! I thought I would plan on straight chilling after the market but, I was riled up, and ready to go!! Jaxs called me as I got off the subway and it was like the fates were calling me...don't stay in, go out...GO OUT!!
I strapped on my new boots, new jeans, and a new shirt and was out the door, dolled up and dancing desires pumping through my veins!!
First Jaxs and I met up at Konkuk University and watched Shaun of the Dead...zombies before a night out...HELL YES!!  
Konkuk University area
photo taken by VeganBeats
 Her friends were hesitant about going out and bailed, all but one, so it was myself, Jaxs, and Kevin on the subway to Hongdae...
We met up with more people there and all cruised through town in search of a bar that could handle our energy...passed some quircky clothing shops...
 And ultimately we all ended up going into papa Gorilla, a bar that...well more fun than I imagined!! We initially only walked in to check out the crew inside...
photo taken by VeganBeats
 The signs promoted know. Naive me, I just took the pics as shock value and the animals were kind of cute, regardless of the dirty deeds.
Jin and Hong, and K
photo taken by VeganBeats
The bartenders all spoke good English and were super kind. The two below are the ones my crew primarily worked with. The drinks are all affordable, there's a stage in the middle of the bar...with poles...eeep so dancing clearly was done. Luckily, no embarassing photos of me haha
Jin and Hong!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
Needless to say but gorgeous guys!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
I drank more than planned, danced so hard, and had a BLAST!! I have to comment, there were so many foreigners at this place...a lot of creepafaces too. eeeghhad
Kevin  and  Jaxs...rounding out the evening
photo taken by VeganBeats
Not only did I get to go out, have a great time, and meet some great new people...I saw more of Seoul....

and in the morning...I woke up to a notepad full of numbers...

...Hello Seoul*!~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wandering, cooking, and Dongdaemun*!~

This week has been AWESOME*!~
I've been wandering a LOT while on break and been seeing some pretty spectacular things SUPER close to my area, check this mountain out!!! 

photo taken by VeganBeats
 I am definitely hiking this guy sometime soon. I'm sure the view will be more than beautiful*!~  
photo taken by VeganBeats
  And super close to my school is some completely appropriate statues...
photo taken by VeganBeats
  Also did some flash cooking...was super hungry and forgot about the POUNDS of tofu in my attempted to make what my halmuni perfects everytime. Garlic, tofu, oyster mushrooms and a light kimchi broth!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
Some noodles I whipped up. Kimchi spicey broth, simmered carrots, oyster mushrooms, spinach and chinese broccoli..hiding in there somewhere. I don't usually eat noodles, but yumm!!! 
photo taken by VeganBeats
 Can't forget Ddeok!!

This weekend I went to Dongdaemun Market with Amy!! My coworker and it was a blast!!! Here's a whole round of pics from the adventure!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
First we kicked it in Chungbu market...also known as dried fish market! I found flax seeds here!! And macadamia nuts, cashews in bulk...There is so much you can find here!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
 Some ajumas with chesnuts....tons of them!
photo taken by VeganBeats
 lots of beans and grains of all sorts..Get ready for the fishes....I know I'm vegan and jazz, but there is something pretty spectacular about all of this stuff...
photo taken by VeganBeats
Fish eggs (photo taken by VeganBeats)
Garlic Ajashi (photo taken by VeganBeats) taken by VeganBeats
photo taken by VeganBeats
  These donuts from Krispy Creme are too cute!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
photo taken by VeganBeats
photo taken by VeganBeats
photo taken by VeganBeats
I am not sure the correct name for this but there is this candy like ocnfection that's literally just sugar. All these ajumas were squating at tables and etching designs into boiled sugar...the kid above is choosing which one he wants...mmm sweetness!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
This is Amy!!! My coworker and my shopping adventure partner for the day! She showed me/guided me around Dongdaemun, sososo much fun!! She's AWESOME!!! 
photo taken by VeganBeats
photo taken by VeganBeats
Ajuma with promoting the various foods her restuarant serves!

photo taken by VeganBeats
photo taken by VeganBeats
 Plastic menu options!! One of my many favorite things about Korea, you can see what you want...AND the food looks like what you order. When I was in China, I'd order things that NEVER looked like their picture.

photo taken by VeganBeats
A really spicey fish stew/soup, Amy said it's amazing. So omnivores...go for it!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
 Cute baby shoes!!!

photo taken by VeganBeats
This was super good, a rice bun with sweet red beans inside. It was only 1500W ($1.00 US) and filling, sweet, and served warm!!
photo taken by VeganBeats

Amy and I split one!!
Dondaemun and Nangdaemun was so much fun, and I have a lot to credit Amy for that. Saw a lot of things, spent a lot of money (eeep) and left with some great buys!!