Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Now in Nowon~

     I've been without a personal computer for a while now and (regardless of how obvious this realization will be), I have gained so much more time and general appreciation for my surroundings. I still access email and facebook (eghhhm) but have swapped afternoons home and reading random news, dreamy recipes, and tumblr rolling with stronger bonds and friendship(s). I've been in a great place just connecting with people and getting that buzz from being social.
    Though~ I've missed this blog. I have been eating delicious (and simple) things, been doing some art projects, bonded with some beautiful Seouls, and actually breathing~ (And now the air is cleaner...Nowon!) I've stuck as gluten free as presently aware of (I'm a learning gf baby) and still use soy sauce from time to time (tamari...I'm hunting around for you~) but I have knowledgeably turned my head from being 100% could I say 'No thank you' to my student's grandmother who put so much effort into making a vegan meal? And one time I really wanted a beer... I can keep this up, but I've been dreaming of pumpernickel rye bread lately.
     I have my final day of work tomorrow and I have been counting down the hours. I will miss (some) of the kids...but I am eager to have more time to do my hobbies, spend more time with friends, and just live more. More often than wanting to admit, I will sometimes just go to work and come straight home, no social action, no activity, no creating...not even stretching or kicking it with the girls! All around pumped...anyways~~ Here's a few things consumed by this lady...

Special vegan kimchi for me!! photo taken by VeganBeats
yummy Thai salad~ photo taken by VeganBeats
Fresh juicy mango fruit salad~ photo taken by VeganBeats

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's been a few, jja?

     The academic year is coming to a close meaning~ I am almost finished with my current teaching contract. Whasa!!
     I've been missing from the blogging world due to computer heartbreak and setting nearly all time aside for myself, girlfriends, my relationship, the girls, and snuggling up to art. While doing loads of Veganbeats-time, I learned how to snowboard! I've always admired and envied the steezy loudly-colored boarders back in Vermont and grew nervous about the very idea of strapping your feet to a board and gliding down mountains. I went to Jisan a few weekends ago and with some very lovely and patient guys that really brought the brightness to it. I crashed, fell on my ass, ate loads of snow...and broke my ribs~ Then I went the weekend right after and far more nervous this time, but still...what a wonderful sport. I cannot wait to get these ribs of mine healed and connected so that I can "shred Gnar" again and feel the burn and strength in my legs....until next time Veganbeaters~
chilly and swollen-faced~ photo taken by VeganBeats
Beautiful men~ photo taken by VeganBeats
    Other news~ the ladies and myself are bundling up to Hagye, where there are mountains, lakes to stroll by, parks with grass, and fresh air...

loads of love~