Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the word that spat on majority~

     Where do you turn when you're feeling down, or so full of negativity? There are the easy recommendations everyone gets; go for a walk, seek out friends and loved ones, exercise...but realistically, where do you turn?
     I've been on an upswing for a while...and it's been splendid but I feel like I've set up this ornate and deeply intricate architectural foundation that's draped with a sheer brightly adorjned fabric. From the outside it seems sunny, a positive and genuinely content structure. Yes, everyone is far more complicated when you dig a bit deeper; I'm feeling like my parts have all worked very well together at supporting a positive influence or seemingly always (mostly) jovial character. Those happy parts have been embraced, lovingly accepted...so much so that these hard-hearted, hurt, negative parts have foolishly began to feel that possibley they too will be embraced.
     Lately, I've found myself resorting to sixth and seventh grade parts, the plastic smile slapped across a chubby, sweaty, and very ugly face. I had a lot of love and a wonderfully naive energy about me; I was genial, kind to others, but often compared to a "puppy dog." I followed others, handed out compliments like political stickers... gave lots upon loads of love while the self-hatred I posessed grew darker, stronger, and seemingly, still very much alive.
     This is a negative and 13 year old part guiding this post...but we all posess a younger part, maybe one we're proud of, jealous of, loving of, or ashamed of...there really are an infinite amount of emotions that are directed towards it.
     I feel like I can only learn from it, understand where in myself it found some sort of energy and inspiration to pretend, to protect...to move forward. At my age, when I feel those insecurities (the younger less developed though powerful) where did I direct myself, where did I turn for motivation to continue on and chug through? Did I have better coping skills and resources then?
     Rejection, it all comes down to that word, one that sounds like a small knife puncturing your skin, a spat out delicacy. My parts have worked out a way to manipulate and resort almost all of my negativity and self-esteem to that very noun. It's a realm that impacts, if not reigns over most of my thought process/being...in terms of the self. Where did it inspire from, originate...and why/how/when did it get this girth?
     Also, if it is notabley so common and very much present, why and how have I not developed some parts that brush it off? I'm conflicted and confused as to where I turn if it all translates to this same energy...

     It's raining over me a bit now and though inspiring some mindfulness, thoughts, and reflection...the silverlining itself is being thrown in another direction.

...but I refuse to lose sight of it...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Veganbeatin' Carrot Eatin' Cake'n Wedding blitzin~

     The other week I took on the task of making a wedding cake for the beautiful and brilliant VeganUrbanite! I used to bake back in the states and since I've kicked it Seoul-side, homes without ovens is the norm so my baking endeavors took a standing still...but then~ oven gifting, and itchin'n the kitch has granted me to time to kick it baking style~
     The cake made was a carrot cake~ and the frosting was a nearly raw almond cream cheese frosting~~
pre-mix~ photo taken by VeganBeats
VeganBeatin Carrot Eatin' Cake:
What you need: 

  1. 2 1/2 C whole wheat flour (you can use all purpose if you're craving so)
  2. 2 t baking soda
  3. 3 t cinnamon (freshly ground)
  4. 1 t ground ginger
  5. 1 t baking powder
  6. 1 t green tea salt
  7. 1 c coconut sugar
  8. 3/4 c brown sugar
  9. 3 t ground flaw seed and 3 T water blended
  10. 1 t pure vanilla extract
  11. 1 c vegetable oil
  12. 2 c organic shredded carrots
  13. 1/4 medium pineapple chopped and shredded
  14. 1 c shredded coconut
  15. 1 c walnuts
  16. 1/2 slivered almonds
  17. 1 c raisins
What to do:

  1. FIRST, get all the ingredients prepped up...shred those carrots, pulse and chop that pineapple and throw it all in a blender/magic bullet/whatever shreds like mad! This cake takes a while to make...
  2. In one bowl, mix all of your dry ingredients
  3. In a larger bowl, mix all the wet ingredients except the oil, carrots, and pineapple (along with nuts and raisins)
  4. pour all of the dry ingredients into the "wet ingredient" bowl and do some more mixing
  5. Stir in the carrots, pineapple, nuts, etc...
  6. Smooth the batter into a 10inch round cake pan and bake at 350 degrees F (or 180 degrees C) for 40-45 minutes
***I doubled this recipe and made three cakes!!***

oh hey you~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     Vegan cream cheese is not available Seoulside, there's no tofutti (whine whine whine) so this was a challenge. I've made mock cheeses and nut cheeses but cream cheese Aiiii~ I wanted to go with almonds and toyed around in the kitchen and came up with this lengthy process~ 
soaking and now removing all that skin...(photo taken by VeganBEats)
I started with a cream cheese and then when that was done...made the frosting~~

Raw Almond Cream Cheese:
What you need:

  1. 1 c raw almonds
  2. enough water to cover the almonds for 8+ hours...then another 1/3 c for later
  3. 1/2 t green tea salt
  4. 1 t lemon juice
What to do:

  1. soak the raw almonds for 8 hours or overnight, after, rinse and drain them
  2. blanch the raw soaked almonds by pouring boiling water over them and letting them sit in that jacuzzi for 5 minutes
  3. remove ALL of the skins (it's hottttt)
  4. add all of the ingredients into a blender and shred that ish up!!
***I TRIPLED this recipe***
Oh, Now you want frosting?!~
  1. get all that yummy (COOLED) almond cream cheese and mix it with 1 c powdered sugar (I made my own coconut powdered sugar)
  2. 1 t pure vanilla extract, got it? add it
  3. a couple spoonfuls of vegan butter...yea add then it too
  4. Blend that ish...then throw it in a fridge!

cream cheesy ~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     This cake was a lot of fun to make, but took a LONG time to make...luckily, my house smelled wonderful and I was in a little sensory heaven...minus the nomming part...

For another time!!!
All ready to go (VeganUrbanite did the decorating herself)~ photo taken by VeganBeats)

Loads of love to VeganUrbanite and David and positive vibes for their beuatiful (continuous) journey~~~

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Eating Seoul...after a couple week (?) hiatus

     Whoa~ it's been a hella while! Where have I been?

     working...playing...baking...dancing...and inebriating...

     Since the camera and robbing jam, I've been trying to figure things out, naturally detaching from those "WHY ME!?" and "GODDAMNSHITBAGGINMOTHERPOOPINGCRUMBLYFACESNOTMUNCHER!" thoughts... I've been absent, not in life, but from the blog...aiaiai

     There is a silverlining though, there always is. I had a camera gigging promise and it fell on the Saturday right after the steal, but a wonderful Seoul reached out to me and lent me his camera. (Thanks Chris!!) Regardless of the favor, I was and am far more excited about the fact that I got to kick it with Chris, it's been far too long!
     We had plans to wander off in some restaurant, but it was closed. So we kicked it at his place, watched UFC, drank maekgoli, and ate some homemade DELISH miso soup~
oh hey you....I'm eat you...DEAL~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The maekgoli was delicious...and hella strong! We shared a bottle and even after filling our bellies, got red-faced and tipsy!
Chris' miso soup~ ughhhhh (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     I barely ever have miso soup, and having some with a wonderful friend may have made it even better~ a friends making it for you, sharing it with you...BEST~~
     There has been a bunch of eats from the past that...well I'm going to lay on you~
Coco Bruni is a swank and pricey cafe that kicks it around Sinsa and Apgujang and during a lunch tutoring session I got a DANK loaded, vegan sando...but only after over half an hour of explaining what I'm not very keen on shoving down my throat.
      "No mayo."
      "okay."  and then five minutes later. "Mustard okay?"
      "Yeah! Sounds great!" and then ten minutes later.
      "The mustard sauce has mayo, is okay?"
      "Ahh, no mayo, so no thank you."
      "Ahhh, aiiii, what do we do...no mustard, no mayo, it;s not sanwichi."
      "....do you have balsamic?"
      "uhhh yes....but..." scurry to the back, conversin with the boss....shuffle back "balsamic is with salad, sanwichi maybe, okay, maybe...no, yes..."
     etc etc etc....
the monstrously delish sando~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     Well WELL worth the confusion! I got a toasted ciabatta sandwich filled with caramelised onions, slivered grilled zukes, slices of pumpkin, grilled balsamic eggplant, sweet tomato slices, green leaf lettuce, spicy green lettuce, sprouts, and a generously garlic kissed balsamic...they even threw in a salad...ughhhhh~
     Hit up hospital dining also...a buddy decided to climb trees...then snap them~
hospital 비빔밥...rice niente~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     I've also done some itchin'n'the kitch...'cooking' for myself lately has involved grab'n'go cucumbers or carrots...I've been translating the "I'm hungry" into cooking kitch challenges~~
jajangmyeon for breakfast?~ had mine with cucumber noodles~ photo taken by VeganBeats
chickpea, black-bean, pea burgers with a sesame, garlic, tofu-sauced salad bedded on top~ photo taken by VeganBEats
 Oh...and being summer I had my first official So Delicious ice-cream!! nom nom nom
chocolate mint chip~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     I got the chocolate mint chip~ perfect for a hungover and heated Sunday! SoulScience and I went for a bit of a wander, sipping and knocking back an orange hooch (hungover healers?) and indulged in these coconut sweetened vegan darlings~ I think he got the cherry amaretto...I didn't try it but it's got to be SO DELICIOUS!!!
hooch'n'ice cream, quality~ photo taken by VeganBeats
ㅎㅎㅎㅎ popping the vegan ice-cream cherry~

ahhh I'm done, mind in gutter...growing up (phbbbt chyea)

anyways~ in the next couple days (or week) they'll be loads more posting...annnnd atem~

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Baker's Table: revisiting

     Lately my weekends have been chalk full of evening adventures, drink "tastings", music inspirations, and bed snuggles. I've slept in, enjoyed the comfort of my room, blankets, and AC~ I've been doing the weekend thing. I work a lot and when my days are free of any income-dependent activities...veganbeats is mellow~
     A couple Sundays ago I got out and bathed in the sun and got all sorts of productive and active. I started off with some giant iced coffee, legs cracking, and beats blaring and met with a beautiful Seoul over at The Baker's Table in Noksapyeong. Usually coffee does me more than well in terms of post-Saturday adventures, but the idea of hummus and a fresh Summer Salad was beyond deniable.
pita and hummus~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Scrolling over the menu, Melissa and I chose the tomato and mango salad; it's naturally vegan! There's no cheese or honey or secret animal bits, just mangoes, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, balsamic dressing, a couple toasted slices of bread! Everything looked beautiful, bright, and sunny and tasted perfect. Sweetness from the mangoes paired well with the slight sweet acidity of the tomato, and the crunch of the sunflowers added great texture to the firm and soft textures of the fruits. The balsamic was great, as it always is, because honestly~ you can't go wrong with balsamic. Some people choose chocolate as an ideal death, but I'm all about the balsamic!! Drown me in that!
tomato mango salad~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     We also got some chilled white wine to bubble up a great date, day, and meal...while her kids (Bailey and Sadie) wound themselves around us, and we both got kisses of tipsy, the sun bore down on us and I know I was sweating. We both were game for adventure and trucked to Namsan to frolic around some dirt paths!
between the trees~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     When I'm in the woods and surrounded by nature I get lost in the wonders of the world...I realize and get connected with what is around me, what truly grants my body life... I miss trees, forests, woods, animals...I wish I was in  Fern Gully!!
     After playing in dirt for a while, Melissa and I ventured to a secret bar with a Beautiful view and got some mojitos while we watched the sun set over Seoul. I got a Shirley Temple (I found one!) and as the temperature cooled, the mint sat on our lips...I fell a little bit more in love with Korea. I know I sometimes spit some anger it's way, but at the end of the day, I am grateful.
mojitos and Shirley to bid the day farewell~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jungle Racing...and monkey poo~ready to race

     This week we all were granted a great day off, my original plan was to spend Tuesday night out causing all sorts of ruckus. Instead I made a meek attempt at getting rest so I could start Wednesday off with a Jungle race!! I was only running a 5k but my goal was to snap pictures, be a tigress, and beat my time from last year.
     In preparation for jungle madness, I bought Ajumma styled snow leopard pants and some Ajumma cheetah lingerie...the icing on the cake was tiger ears, tail, and bowtie~
Ready to Race~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The sun was beating down, but spirits were high and everyone honored the jungle theme...well us foreigners did. Elephant thongs, Tarzan and Jane get ups, Flinstone garb...we were IN~ 
     My race was great, I kept pace, party rocked with LMFAO, AND beat my time~ 28 for a 5k versus last year's 30!

But...monkeys threw poo at my face when I went back to the race tent. 
     Everything of mine, my entire bag was stolen. My wallet, purse, change of clothes, phone charger, credit cards, id cards, sketchbook, schedule book, reading book, and....my camera. I keep realizing how much of my stuff is gone. I tried to remember an appointment I had...data book is gone, my drawing pens: gone, make up: gone, house keys: gone...I'm trying to keep face (ha) I wandered around and well...still hoping for a silverlining. 
post-race tiger~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     I had to rock the rest of the day in mismatched feline coats and sports gear. More shambles happened throughout the day~ tree climbing and concussing, hospital naps, rooftop BBQ's... 
     I wandered through Itaewon's area and spent time with wonderfully supportive and loving people but I wasn't in it. I'm feeling powerless and so stripped of things and I HATE this feeling. I am very uncomfortable of having to rely on others, not having my things in order, and not having the opportunity to escape from situations. It's shallow maybe to admit but...I was feeling so ugly and disheveled in my running gear while everyone is comfortable, showered (maybe), and put together. Ugh...self-consciousness and insecurities were feasting on my situation. 

Ugh~ bailing on this~~

     Focusing on positives:
  1. had a productive Wednesday morning
  2. hung out and met some really cool people
  3. got to Party Rock with LMFAO
  4. didn't get last place
  5. I was a tigress/feline of some sort
  6. I had fun,,,prior to stealing and pieces of time post
  7. I took pictures...some, but I'll never see them
  8. many people helped me out
  9. I BEAT my 5k time from last year...this year~ 29 minutes
Yeah, I know it isn't amazing but...I can taste a faster time soon~

ugh...here's to hoping stuff comes up~


Saturday, June 2, 2012

A smidgen of what's up~ ish

     My posts have been getting increasingly more sporadic as of late~ the natural "necessities" have been getting in the way, but that really isn't worth delving into! There really is only one direction to go, right?!~
photo taken by VeganBeats
     Anyways, figured I'll just post some food porn pictures of things I've eaten, or made, or played around with for the past week(s)!
slow roasted and cooked curry, chalk full of everything in my fridge that needed loving~
(photo taken by VeganBeats)
     On the way to work everyday, there's this teeny little lady selling trash bags loaded with veggies...I 've never bought anything, but it's impressive that everyday she provides this veggie service!
veggie granny~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     I want to eat more raw, cleanse the body, feel healthier, brighter, etc~ I'm loving the upswing so why not continue and support it right? This is one of the many raw things I played around with~
raw taco~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Raw tacos, wrapped in big iceberg lettuce leaves is a avocado, tomato, onion, and spicy cucumber filling~ kicked with cayenne, chili, course sea salt, cambodian pepper, and sriracha~ I also threw in some raw tofu...verdict~ filling and delicious!!

I'll get some more vegan eats in...

Another weekend of adventure awaits!!