Sunday, March 4, 2012

Them Powerful Parts~ how they influence

     Individuals can so easily ruin or immensely improve an overall experience, memory, situation, etc. Even though, our lives, our existence, is merely a blip on the radar of universal existence, each of us possesses an unforeseen power of massive influence, especially on the parts external to our own. We are much bigger, much more powerful, much louder, then we actually perceive.

photo taken by VeganBeats
      This is ironic for me to come to this thought process at the time, recently I used an article "Reasons Why Your Not As Great As you Think You Are" for my tutor class, just to prove the point that we are blips. But, I'm thinking this due to the countless experiences that in particular, many foreign teachers have faced while being in Korea. So many have been treated rudely, taken advantage of (in terms of hours, pay), been threatened, lied to...the individuals doing this, saying these things then in term represent the work team, the school, and eventually Korea. Numerous teachers around this time are finishing up their contracts, they're supposed to get a bonus, it's in the contract. Nearly 40% of the teachers I've talked to are having a lot of trouble with this. Their school's are refusing to pay them, being very fickle, threatening to never pay even the last month's paycheck...what gives?
     I'm sure, it's not just Korea, this is a world-wide psychology. Negative treatment breeds negative thoughts, negative emotions, etc etc etc. I love Korea, I do, but some of the behaviors by several people, have brewed such a hatred and aggravation within. This in turn, my parts take on, which I take out on my lifestyles...too bitter to be social, not focusing during yoga, sour disposition, etc. I feel better when I'm in positive spirits...but at times, being here, around some of these grumpsters, has birthed a rather unhappy lady.
     There are also those times when you're all around bitter, angry, ready to snap~ not in a pleasant space. But one person, one simple action, a coincidental meeting, can inspire giddiness, happiness, a turn-a-round in spirits.
     For being blips, we add a lot to the mix~

mini-thought aside...

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