Monday, March 5, 2012

Hongdae, kill me, love me~ you are my chocolate bar

     Beyond the realms of soju, crap beer, and all around inebriated debauchery, Hongdae is a place of positive (though pained) moments in my Seoul-ife. When I first got here, every weekend involved at least four hours in the Hongdae streets/ clubs/ park, etc kicking it with friends, guzzling coffees, rockin' hips, observing too many sweaty, pretty people. Hongdae is covered in clubs, littered in themed cafes, spotted with hofs and restaurants, and drenched in creative and artistic expression. Once you arrive in Hongdae, your liver prepares itself, while your brain exercises a bit more energy (must articulate a bit right), and you automatically accept that you will not be getting home anytime before 4am.
     I'm in a reminiscent place of being, as much as my head and sleep schedule tends to be hurting and hankering from Hongdae's grand influence~ it's got a bruised place in my cavity. It's has held a lot of positive events and experiences and has made some relationships either begin or grow a frazzled more-secure.
     This past weekend I revisited my dancing grounds, my old stomping place. It wasn't planned, but like candy and a child...denying the opportunity is near impossible. Hongdae started off early, Pol, David, Chris, and I chilled in a darkly lit bar and watched an amazing concert DVD, we all could have stayed watching it all night...but we had to rally out. (Check out Fishmans, A Piece of Future).
     Next was a self-service bar where more friends joined, wines and beers swallowed, and somehow in that swill, a club was decided upon...and where else would we go but Gorillas, right?! Now, I realize and recognize when it comes to a classy club, this one doesn't make it to the top (throw in any number) but it's where my club Seoul began.
     Gorilla has three different club/bar venues, the original Papa Gorilla >.<#, Mama Gorilla, and Big Baby Gorilla, we all went to Big Baby and the location is a bit jarring. It's in a garage! The crowds pretty young, music is the same (at all three), dancing is a plenty, drinks are cheap (though they were weak this time around), I felt out of place...I felt old...but all I needed was to dance. Buckets, shaking, laughing, and hours later...I found myself on the subway home this morning at 6:30...Hongdae, you always do this!

Ooh~ but this time I around, I left with three new changes...
green eyes~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
blue eyes~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
purple eyes (photo taken by VeganBeats)
make up playing (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Hungover Sunday was make up playing and some baking...check it out!
coconut vanilla muffins (photo taken by VeganBeats)
matcha coconut almond muffins (photo taken by veganBeats)
     These are both coconut vanilla and cinnamon muffins, the one on top is almond and the other is matcha almond~


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