Sunday, March 18, 2012

The people of our influence.

     I won't be this age forever, I won't be kicking it in my twenties for the rest of my existence...I will eventually approach a time and place where my lungs will not work the same, my liver will become less tolerant, my mind much slower, my eyes weaker, my heart softer; I will not be with the same people.
     Over the past year, even the past few months, I have encountered hundreds (though most may be acquaintances) of individuals, been involved with several projects, exchanged countless ideas and dreams... But above that, there are the key and detailed moments. The personalized ingrained memories that will set some people apart from the others. So many brilliant people have departed Seoul over the past year, and more will soon be doing the same.
     I feel like my world is still very much a festival. I go from tent to tent, detached from reality, into a state of being where the truth that these tents may be torn down remains an accepted, if not willed, ignorance. This reality, the moments of clarity hit me fast last night- technically this morning, in an Irish pub (classic location for St. Patrick's day eh?) Last St.Patty's day was a full on adventure with so many people, many that have since moved on. This year was slightly quieter, though wonderful...more controlled.
     I'm not entirely sure where I'm trying to go with this...the cliched "We age, we grow, we get older" is holding hands with "be present, live the moment, completely be."
     My father has stated several times "life is about the people you have in it." maybe this isn't verbatim is formed around and with those you have in it. Life is always changing, (oh how prolific), I'm always realizing (though not wanting to sit with it) that within days it is inevitable that my life will change, whether drastically or on a small spectrum. As individuals, independents we are able to "choose" those we have in our lives, we bend out paths to fit in others, allow more influence, or a greater presence. Sometimes these "chosen ones" accept the invitation, step away from it, or deny it straight through.
     Do we devote most of our energy trying to convince those deniers? Sometimes, maybe we should, maybe more work is involved, but much time is wasted for this? I'm in a heavy thinking mode, I've been sitting with some thoughts. I spent last night nearly completely sober, simply observing my friends, reflecting on our times together and picturing how many of them, months from now, will not be here...will not be around.
a path of life lies here (photo taken by VeganBeats)

Life is about the people you let into your far, life has treated me well, people (on the most part) have been wonderful.

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