Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pol's Birthday~

     This weekend began so well, Friday was such a great day! It started off with smiles and a "heavy" head but continued on with all around smiles and plans for Pol's Birthday! Pol, being one of the main Seouls in Korea, chose to have his birthday at one of the best quality restaurants in Seoul...think chill, fresh food, flavor-packed portions, a great staff, and all around great environment...
photo taken by VeganBeats
     None other than Vatos Urban Tacos, located in Itaewon. It's the only restaurant that I get excited going to, want to share with others, and often suggest. All of the food is fresh, everything is made to order, and the drinks are pure perfection!
     I made a reservation for 22 for the night (we're so lucky to have gotten the tables) and Vatos was packed! I could hear satisfied sounds escaping from stuffed mouths! This was all about Pol, but I was more than eager to have our crew kicking it in this place and about to greater understand the glory of Vatos! Kenny, Jonathan, and Jeena were GREAT~ they gave us the roof (!!!), were super patient, got orders in with ease, and service was awesome. We ordered over 50 drinks over the evening, everyone got plates of food, salsas and freshly made tortilla chips were served throughout the evening (that red chipolte salsa is amazing!), and kimchi carnita fries were feasted on by all them omnivore folk!
     Because there were so many people, and an overwhelming number of orders being thrown at Kenny, I didn't want to add too much trouble with making something special and vegan...worry about the other 20+ orders. Due to heavy traffic and a packed house, beans, avocados, and some other ingredients were lacking...but I got a great salad!
special salad! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The salad was exactly what I wanted. Chopped cabbage, jalapenos, salsa fresca, and an onion mix blended perfectly together to give me that crunch and sweetness that allowed the ingredients to shine. I threw on some of the salsa verde and chipolte red salsa just because I can! Along with the mango makgeolita(s)...this vegan lady was stuffed.

     I can't thank Vatos enough for their accommodation, and for all of the crew for coming and supporting both Pol and Vatos!

My past Vatos pieces~

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