Sunday, March 25, 2012

"I don't want to drink too much tonight." uhhh~

     I never thought I'd come to be thoroughly grateful for a Sunday, a minor break in the weekend~ 
     Since my brother has been here, we've been on the go, and I love it! The first night he got here was a drunken wander post dinner followed by an early rise and schedule-packed Friday. I went to work, worked out (Red Foo is always mumbling in my ear) then we went to Western Seoul to kick it with my mom and 이모. After that, we booked it to 강남 to meet up with the Wonderful Pol and David for dinner pre-Todde's Woodstock party. My aunt's clinic is nearly an hour away so we had time to chill before dinner. The closer we got to Gangnam, the hungrier I realized I was getting. While scrolling through health dishes in my head my brother looked at me and said:
     "I don't want to drink too much tonight."
     Avoiding answering, once we got to Gangnam we grabbed some mojitos then chilled at a busy restaurant where the guys got 순대 and I got 보리밥 (boribap) which is really 비빔밥 (bibimbap) but with barley versus rice...but being the picky lady I am...opted out on the grains and had a 비빔 salad~
no barley, and pre-고추장 (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     A couple beers and three 막골리's (maekgoli) later we hit up Woodstock where we were to celebrate a final evening with Todde~'s fuzzy, I took a nap...woke up, raring to go, more drinks, dancing loads, smoking hookahs, swilling drinks, then 노래방'n!
     Alex and I walked home, woke up, downed coffees, tried not to vomit, packed bags, met up with the mom at the aunt's house and passed out. 
     On the subway ride there, again, my brother turned to me and though foggy I heard:
     "I'm still buzzed, I didn't want to drink so much...your friends are awesome."
     By the time we woke up, we were brought to a restaurant, got nourished, passed out again, then peaced out of Seoul to Soraksan...

The "nourishing" place will be a later post...same with the mountain...for

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