Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Coco Curry House

     I was first introduced to curry when I was 12 years old. My family used to host Korean students attending schools in the states and one of my "brothers" loved this stuff. To make people feel at home (especially during holidays when students spent it with us versus their family) my mom would whip up anything they wanted. (Think "last meal" except you'll still be alive tomorrow morning). While cooking, this spicy, heavy, thick smell coated our house and with the first spoonful, there was instant "mmhhmmmm!" Chalk full of veggies, served over brown rice, Kyle may have been happy, but we were grateful for our blind date with curry. It's become a comfort food, the spice delivered from curry is different from Mexican and Korean spices, it's a deep, belly-rolling warmth that...feels just cozy.
     Since then, I've had curry all over parts of the world, obviously stateside, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and China. In China there was a curry house that had all sorts of vegan options. Any veggie you wanted, you could add it, and it wasn't wallet harming at all. This curry place is Coco Curry House...and there's one in Seoul! This past weekend, a few of us sauntered into the 강남 (Gangnam) curry house and it brought me back home, back to China, and back to food coma bliss.
     The great thing about this Curry House is there are options, not just veggie but rice serving size, spice level, and the salad and drink option. I went with a smaller portion of rice (500원 cheaper), spice level of 6 (or 9...second hottest on the list), americano, and a salad with peanut ground dressing.
salad (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The salad was the smallest thing ever, a couple crumbled leaves, some quartered cherry tomatoes, a slice or two of cucumber, and the peanut sesame dressing. It was good, though...I wish it was generous in serving...this lady loves her greens!
     In terms of the curry, I got the tomato and asparagus with spinach added!
more than filling! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The veggie curries are all around 7,200 원! And the add-ins range from vegetables, mushrooms, spinach, asparagus and tomato, spinach, natto, etc. If you add the salad and drink option, it is an additional 2,000원! This was filling, took me on a little trip, and a perfect meal for a groggy head~

How to get to Coco Curry House in Gangnam, 
강남역 line 2, go out exit 11 and walk straight. When you pass the Paris Baguette, take that right, then the first left on the lain street. You will get to a strange 3/4 way, veer to the right and Coco Curry House is right there!!


  1. Is this CoCoIchibanya? mmmmmmmm. There are a few around - Hyehwa is my local, and there's one in Jongno. They're everywhere in Japan.

    Rice down, spice up - LEVEL TEN BABY! :-D

  2. This is!! They're delicious and exist ALL over the world, my first time loving this stuff was in China!! I'm doing level 10 next!!!

  3. How do you know that there sauce is vegan?