Saturday, December 17, 2011

Green Tea-kissed Frugal stew

     The barely cooking-it/minimal effort stew is such a great go to. By the time I get home from my work days I'm far too exhausted to whip up something that requires more than three steps (yea, lazy V!) so I do the "dad-style" cooking.
frugal stew 2 (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     My dad is a GREAT cook, well~ his style of cooking presents glorious flavors, tastes, and noms....each and every time. When I was a kid and my dad was ahead of dinner he'd throw a bunch of things together, boil, season, steam, what have you and load plates in front of my brother and I that would always have us asking for seconds. My dad makes a MEAN chili- he never follows a recipe, but somehow he concocts this full-bodied stew that warms your soul and gets you stoned off of Homer Simpson groans. Same with my dad's sandos, pasta, Mex food...I've asked for recipes, some sort of guidance and without fail providing a recipe is failed.
     "Dad, how'd you make this?"
     "ummm...I threw that and that in, and...Vanessa, I don't know. It just is what it is."

Happy note~ my dad has only and ALWAYS whipped up a vegan chili.

     Anyways, to the's a bunch of ripped cabbage, broccoli florets, diced carrots, tofu, steamed white onions, crushed garlic, green tea salt, more Cambodian black pepper, and a teeny spoonful of dwenjang.

Green Tea-kissed Frugal stew
What you need:

  1. 1/4 head of small cabbage, ripped apart (werewolf style)
  2. 1/4 block of tofu, cubed (or more if you want!)
  3. 1/2 head of broccoli cut up into bite sized pieces
  4. 1/2 white onion sliced into half moons
  5. 1 small-medium carrot cubed or cut into bite sized pieces
  6. 2 cloves garlic chopped
  7. sprinkle of green tea salt
  8. small ts of dwenjang paste
  9. water

What to do:

  1. chop up all the veggies while heating 4 cups of water
  2. when the water is just about to boil, add all the veggies and tofu
  3. let everything cook for 7-10 minutes and add the salt and pepper
  4. when the cabbage is really soft, turn off the heat and add the dwenjang
  5. serve up, be warm and feel free to dash more pepper for some extra spice!!

 This isn't anything special, but it does warm you up and provide energy and nutrition. This goes really well with more Green tea!!

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