Tuesday, December 13, 2011

!2 days til~

     There are 12 days until Christmas...how did it already get here?

     I'm still in Thanksgiving mode, full of gratitude, thankfulness, and mounds of love. The month of November gifted me and my life with a lot of glorious meetings, lifetime goal checks, and some sure-footing grounding.

     I've recently welcomed a new (and beautiful) camera in my life, a Canon T2i DSLR...and I've been playing. But with that, the photo upload is making my computer cry! Apologies on the lack of eye candy.

     I do have things to share, this past weekend was~ wonderful. I spent it with beautiful Seouls, truly relaxed, lived, existed, breathed~ love love love^^*!~
There's the Wine train, early morning Han River exploration, French Christmas Market, Homemade Cider with the crew, etc~~

(to come, to come)

I originally (and still) want to do something along the lines of "The 12 Days Before Christmas"...these carols are thrashing through my veins, in that they are seeping into my blood stream, pumping out of my ears, and swinging all jolly like Santa's cookie and nog filled gut. *computer gain more space*

For now~ I'm just leaving some love^^*!~
photo credit to DC

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