Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Banana milk shake with coconut cream pie

     I've never gotten care packages before coming to Korea, I remember being the kid without palankas (yea Feehan) and Valentine's boxes while in college. I remember being jealous and little bitter about that, while my roommates gutted boxes of lovey cards, candy, or Birthday presents. Regardless, I'm more than thankful and loving towards my family. My mom just sent over my new camera (YEA!!!) and a camera bag FULL of surprises.
eye drool (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     So many larabars!! I got coconut cream pie and chcolate chip brownie. Whoa they are delicious, and you feel so healthy after them. Well, more so after nomming on the coconut ones. (I think I have a slight aversion to anything chocolate)
     Anyways, going with the frugal lifestyle, these super helped and I woke up the other day craving for energy. I'm a strict tea or coffee in the am person but...I got slightly inspired and scrounging my fridge I found a small banana (thanks lunch ladies >.<#) and some soy milk. I whipped up this yummy dish!
yum! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     I simple blended the soymilk and banana til it got bit frothy, added two mini coconut cream pie Larabars (crushed) and boom, energy, fiber, and loads of energy.

     My favorite thing about Larabars, besides less than 5 ingredients, it's raw, and pretty pure. I love how the natural sweetness of all the fruits and nuts shines through!

Mission to make my own, I'll make it happen!

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