Monday, January 16, 2012

Sandeul Kimbap: 산들김밥

     I haven't indulged in any 김밥 for a hella long time. It's a traditional, inexpensive, and on-the-go type of meal for Koreans (think sandos, wraps, granola, or even powerbars for the state-siders). It's pretty straight forward, rice, veggies, maybe a protein all rolled into some 김 (seaweed) or laver. There's  a place close to my house that really packs them...overflowing and generous.
loaded (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     I like that the fillings are far more generous versus the rice...if only Korea got on the brown rice trend...

Directions to Sandeul Kimbap:
Seoul University of Education (교대역) station, exit 14, walk straight for about 5 minutes and take a Right (at the light) and walk straight for another 5 minutes. Take the Right after the Emart express store and BBQ place, walk about 200 ft and it's on your left.

Most 김밥 is around 2,700 W..($2.00)

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