Thursday, January 19, 2012

Delta Airlines: Vegan plate

     Anytime traveling happens, I'm filled with a general eagerness~ what adventures are around the bend, what fruits will I gorge on...what will the people be like...all that positive vibes juiced jazz. The only slight uneasiness I have (besides the take-off and landing) is the vegan meal. So many times, what airlines serve as "vegan" is horrid. Flavorless, mushy, aesthetically yelched. I mean, it's airline food, you're not going to get anything you'll request in REAL life.
     Anyways, I flew via Delta and on the way to Japan, I got a cute Japanese style Bento box filled with...a better attempt at attractive.
photo taken by VeganBeats
     The main was a piece of steamed pumpkin, slice of steamed carrot, one small steamed mushroom, a fraction of a steamed green bean, one small steamed broccoli floret, a slice of cold grilled eggplant, one cherry tomato, one green olive, and a slice of pickled daikon. The rice balls were seaweed and the other one was ginkgo nut. I also got a slice of Asian pear and apple. Admittedly I was a bit wine-d out so I actually ate the plane food (Sorry Anothony Bourdain). I avoided the rice all together (blech rice) but picked out the ginkgo nut. I ate all the veggies, but didn't finish the eggplant, too cold, The mushroom had a sweet soy sauce marinade, so it seemed to work well with all that wine.
photo taken by VeganBeats
     I wish they were a bit more generous with the veggies. I would have been happier with no rice and only veggies. But then again, at least this vegan meal was actually vegan!!

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