Friday, January 13, 2012


     For the past two weeks I've been kicking it with some cute dogs, breathing in that Namsan mountain air, and relaxing (with a healthy dose of stress and planning). Coming back from the states left me, no-shined some dusty feelings out. (Think back in the ol'ol'American gold rush days, sifting through all that mud and muck, knowing there's gold there and shake it enough...some shiny nuggets start blinding you...get the simile?) America this time around was free of employment and obligations (besides enjoying everything). Being in that state and around those individuals put me in a state of "what now?!" Torn between going back to the states, working, and working towards more degrees/studying again~ or kicking it Seoul-side, finding footing, indulging my talents...I do miss school, studying and working towards some sort of I'm looking into educational programs. As much as I love my friends rolling stateside, I can't, shouldn't drop all the factors that get my lips curling up...I've never been good at casinos, I take risks when I know I'll win.
     Anyways~ being here so far has left me busy and invisible. Not that that's horrid or bad, I've allowed myself to slow down a bit and reflect, free of drinking, staying out super late, and  getting in some much-needed shut eye. In the nearly two years I've been Seoul-tromping, I didn't really hang out on Namsan, I had the freedom to!~
photo taken by VeganBeats
     My mind is still hanging onto stateside stuff~ parts of me want to gamble. I like the risk, the chance, the...potential for bizarre things to happen, but Disney hasn't always played out.
     Being vegan in the states is an easy journey also. Everything is labeled; getting something free of animal products takes minutes, even seconds versus this side of the world...not hating just...when something is called "vegan" in the states, you can trust that shrimp won't be considered some sort of veggie. I brought a bunch of stuff back with me, and made some meals that~ probably unhealthy...yeah, I'm a glutton.
photo taken by VeganBeats
     What is that?!~ It's field roast Italian sausage pan fried with sweet vidalia onions, mushrooms, and loads of garlic and served on a dollop of sriracha- follow your heart vegan mayo, whole wheat ritz and organic red leaf lettuce. I only had three, it was rich, and a lot of flavor. Maybe I could live off of appetizers?! eh...I'd support that American stigma for sure then...ugh~
     I'm not sure where this post is really going...lots of thoughts, but I'm hitting a sleepy drum.
I leave you with a cute pup...a snuggle pup~~
wanna snuggle?~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)

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