Monday, September 19, 2011

Vegan Noms Stateside

     A whole crew of people went to the states prior to Chuseok and for the first time since I've been here, I started missing (and wanting) to kick it stateside. People were piling back drooling at the mouth sharing stories of all the good home eats they've been having...and though I ALWAYS wish my crew was around (BG whaaa), I found myself wanting to kick it stateside for noms. While people spoke about pizza, cheesy Mexican fare, spicy salsas~ I was dreaming of vegan indulgences. Things I never, if ever bought in the states but would love to be available. Follow your heart vegan cheese, Annie's goddess dressing, LUNA bars~list list list. I spat an e-mail at vegan JK and he was more than generous.
     He came back with a load of vegan goodies...
chia seeds, Luna bars, nutritional yeast, dark choco chips, field roast sausage, vegan cheese, goddess dressing, and vegenaise! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     I got SO much! Chia seeds, Luna bars, Nutritional yeast, organic dark chocolate chips, Follow Your Heart vegan cheese and Vegenaise, Annie's green goddess dressing, and Field roast Italian sausages...O_o#

Chia seeds are a NEW thing for me, thanks to Born to Run, I want to incorporate these guys into my diet~ maybe placebo effect will naturally work alongside these and I'll get faster?!

     As embarrassing as this is to admit...I met up with JK Chuseok morning, followed by getting the bad news )O: then wandered home, droned out to some Entourage and book reading, while nomming on a steamed sausage with Sriracha vegenaise and sipping on a massive 녹차 from 보성. 
(If you have not yet had Sriracha ~cock sauce~ you are missing out...find some NOW and put it on EVERYTHING~~)

A belated thank you to JK~~

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