Monday, September 19, 2011


     This morning I sprinted to work and had no time to double back for a sweatshirt~ Autumn has begun!!

The season of leaves changing, rebirth, a restart~my favorite season. I love every aspect of it. The weather is nippy, biting, teasing, things are dying and preparing to have a second (or thousandth) chance, the fashion is sultry, classy, and comfy; foods that are in season have an attitude, take up ground, own their space- Autumn is initiation.

It's a shedding and stripping of the past year, taking what you've built from the prior year and using those skills to continue. This is bold, I am Autumn. Last year I stripped myself of the family I have (and miss), the comfort (that was no longer there), deserted my jobs, positions, and starting beginnings and escaped the states to restart, rebuild, and re-enter a life.

This year has flown by...I've developed a lot of skills, learned a lot, and found new potential joys...
photo taken by VeganBeats
(I'm not endorsing smoking~ like the photo, and the colors)

I've almost been here a year...have met a wealth of individuals, experienced a lot more, challenged myself...challenged others...

I'm getting older...some ways wiser...still learning...still growing...still aiming to accomplish.

I'll be back...

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