Monday, September 26, 2011

AWEH art show

      This weekend was...loaded. The first night proved...disappointing to say the least. I went to an old area and...was slapped in the face with mediocrity. I am aware this sounds cold, and rather critical, I don't mean to sound hateful...this is reflective. I need to do me more.
     I have been reviewing what I've been doing here, who I've been kicking it with, what I've been involved with, etc and there are many changes I've got to do. Re-evaluating moves...I have some wonderful activities and people, undeniably so, but there is more I need to be doing.

      Anyways, Saturday morning was AWESOME! I went over to Noksapyeong to steal some oven time over at Kia and Sean's place while playing with their adorable cats and pups! We ended up spending the day together and just kicking it. I learned some World of Warcraft from baking goddess and dear friend Kia, got introduced to Jersey Shore (O_o#), engaged in thought-required conversations and had an all around wonderful day.
     Kia whipped up some power packed smoothies that I have been thinking about since first sip!
     I LOVE kale, LOVE IT! And Kia threw a BUNCH of that awesome green leaf into a strawberry and banana smoothie. I have't indulged in a smoothie in...jeezum, years! This reminded me that getting a blender would do me well! After baking and chilling I stopped by home only to shower and return for an Art Show!!
    AWEH was having it's launch party and the plan was to kick it there! AWEH is: "...a subculture webzine that documents creative culture across the globe. We aim to capture casual creative culture and document the talented individuals around us."
(AWEH info                 ...web...facebook...twitter...vimeo...                         )
     The event was held at a small and very intimate artist collective called The Laughing Tree, located in Noksapyeong. I've walked by this collective so many times and was really glad to be checking it out. The lovely Mipa had some of her beautiful pieces featured in the AWEH launch party!!
LOVE! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
eee! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
      Mipa's paintings are so lovely and colorful! I am always blown away by how creative and awesome some of my friends are! Inspiration- motivation- drive!
     Several times throughout the night I grabbed coffee and fell upon a secret gem! Located next to Wing Bakery is Standing Coffee! The americanos are reasonably priced and pretty yummy! Big coffees, strong smooth and ugh~~~3,800W!!! I got about 3 last night....I'm not ashamed.
Standing coffee! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     We spent the remainder of our evening kicking it at the Concorde, chatting, laughing, and eventually popcorning it up to Forks Over Knives (a film that examines and explains that most degenerative diseases that afflict people can be controlled and sometimes reversed by living Vegan)

....nothing beats spending time with those people in your life that you admire, respect, and genuinely care for. 

I've realized even more so that spending time with these people inspires me and brings a genuine joy...I'm not pretending!

PS~: look out for some Gluten-free goods to be freshly available~~ ^^*!~ (and other vegan goodies kids)

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