Friday, September 9, 2011

I eat Sando...

     To cure a morning hangover there are several ways to fix yourself up. Most go for greasy goods, more drinks, a call in sick~~I'm a big jug of coffee and liters of water. But once in a hell of a while, I need a loaded sando. But that's only when the pain is beyond intolerable. I don't let myself eat sandos ever, I have never been a sando gal.
     I fell in love with the post drunk sando thanks to Spy's convincing and the glorious City Market back in Vermont. City Market is one of the largest coops in America and had a great sandwich bar that was super vegan and gluten intolerant friendly. For those evenings filled with more whiskey than I want to recall, the next morning was a groggy ordering of a loaded T.L.T. The vegan B.L.T, I would get smoked tofu, hummus, cucumber, sweet heirloom tomatoes, red onions, sprouts, frisee, thick chunks of lettuce, dijon mustard, and hot sauce (everything is organic huzzuh) thrown on organic whole wheat bread. Packed of nutrients, loads of texture, and a healthy hangover cure. Extended gut and all...I would get a goofy grin and the echoing noggin of mine would chill and instant curing ensued.
     This morning was one of those days where I NEEDED City Market to be behind my house. But Seoul!! Going to school, all these food smells hit my face like a battleaxe and well getting sick at school is downright embarrassing...and not classy. This was my cure.
O_o# photo taken by VeganBeats
     A thick slab of steamed tofu, then chilled, thick rings of organic onions, homemade kimchi, loads of organic lettuce, sriracha, and grain mustard. The bread isn't organic but meh...I can say I feel rounder, but I'm grinning like an idiot.
so big! (photo taken by VeganBeats)

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