Saturday, September 17, 2011

1.2 million in 3 hours!!

     The bakesale was a success and thank you so much for the bakers and the supporters! There was such a wonderful (and FULL) spread of goodies and an awesome turnout. Cannot thank everyone involved enough for such a wonderful bakesale!!
gluten-free and other vegan goodies (photo taken by VeganBeats)
my gluten free treats! cowboy cookies, raspberry jam shortbread, and chocolate-dipped shortbread (photo taken by VeanBeats)
my gluten free lemon drops and Kia's brownies and blondies! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Mipa brought some of her wonderful and deliriously delightful Alien's Day Out goodies!!
from right to left: tropical bars, cocoa nib cranberry oat bars, chocolate orange biscotti, tropical biscotti, and thin mints! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
lemon pound cake, chcolate chip cookies, cranberry double chocolate chip cookies, oat bars! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
Fiona's mango cake, apple tarts, chocolate cakes!!! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
cinnamon rolls, chai cupcake, apple scones, pumpkin boscotti, cholate almond biscotti, blondies, and brownies! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
How beautiful is all of this?!!

So much fun and~~~Mipa delivers her Alien's Day out goodies!!!
Check out her bakeshop~~

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