Friday, September 30, 2011

Even if something didn't happen, realize it could...

     My parts have grown rather disappointed about things, loads of things throughout my past. When it comes to the nature of things to how business works, and in terms of people and their level of common sense I've felt a fair share.
     Friendships, more so sisterhood...I can't wrap my head around the dumb shit girls pull on one another. (girls being children) Now, being a girl isn't bad, when we are girls ladies, we are naive, hoping for the best, expecting Aladdin and Eric to save us, woo us, and treat us so well that we serenade green pastures and temples. Every guy, boy is a Disney prince or Lloyd Dobler. There's this assumed trust with everyone, no one will hurt, harm, take advantage of, or pull a quick on one you. And even if they do, some genie will show you how truly good they are.
     Where am I getting at~ there's an assumption, a dissociation and disbelief that it is possible to fall victim to horrid events. The classic "That would never happen to me" thought. I wish, ugh I wish this was true, that for everyone (focusing on ladies here) would never be victim to violence, physical, mental, sexual..any of it. But that sadly and  regrettably is not what is happening.
     It is existent throughout the world, some countries have more supportive legal systems and cultures than others. Sadly though, even with this support, coming forward and getting a "healing response" isn't as common (as it should be).
     Aside from the legalities, more intimately consider those you surround yourself with. Are they careful, protective, team players, good friends?
     The dating scene in Korea is more or less forced awkward room blending between you and your friends and a group of guys. You share drinks, sing, talk, whatever. It's not just for dating, but to meet others too (you're a guy, I'm a girl...wait, we can be friends too?!!). Males and females don't interact one on one, or as friends. It's so couple focused here that genders tends to stick with one another. It's like a middle school dance, cootie central; during that slow song, you can bet that no one's going to dance until they're some fruit punches deep.

     Ladies, in this situation, in these events, don't leave your girls high and dry. It is NEVER cool, smart, or safe to just peace and leave one of your girls alone with new "friends" (cough strangers). It's risky, disrespectful and the "What could happen" thought is a load of childish bull. Be a friend, be a sister, stop being stupid and choosing to be naive. I'm not saying every man will do something horrible, but leaving a friend alone with people you barely  know, and welcoming riskiness is such a shit move. At least let them know what you're doing.
     This is one situation, but there are so many. Don't leave your friends, if you're to meet with them, made plans, etc...stick around. Keep them posted on what you're doing. It is a big deal, it is important to protect yourself and to be aware.

     I'm not saying something will happen, or that everyone will be assaulted, just realize that it could happen, and does happen far more often than we'd like to believe.

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