Friday, September 2, 2011


photo taken by VeganBeats
      There are very some things that I care for so dearly and value so greatly, things, and people that make my life, literally make my life. They bring more comfort, joy, and peace than words can describe. I have a lot of life in me, but stress and anxiety are a big part of that. These people, these souls have held my feet to the ground, they've let me float off and wander, but have allowed me the chance to regain focus.
     I am fully aware that I am running thoughts right now...
     It is because of these people, these few major fibers of my life that I have been able to enjoy, breathe, succeed, and...continue.  My crew back indescribably brilliant, interesting, and astounding. In everything that I do, parts of them are with me...even now they keep me going.
     I am also very fortunate to have my sister here, not only someone to share Seoul with but to just be with. On any given night, we've soaked up Seoul together and those moments are times when I feel like the floating confusion I'm lost in is brought down slightly and my vision is a little clearer.
photo taken by VeganBeats
     Granted, drinks don't make your vision any more set then a hit in the face but...sharing a skyline view with your best friend of nearly ten just about as grounded as you can get...
photo taken by VeganBeats
...even if your hundred of feet in the air.
sketch via VeganBeats

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