Sunday, March 13, 2011

silver linings and breathing freely

     As the Sunday of every weekend comes there is reflection and retracing of the events of the prior two nights, two or three days and a dissection of the highlighting details...this particular Sunday was filled with only highlights and silver linings...^^*!~
     Friday night was filled with coworker bonding, lots of billiards, too many drinks...and just smiles...

chandelier in On the Border (photo taken by VeganBeats) taken by VeganBeats
          On the Border is a really cute Mexican place located in 아푸장 near Rodeo street. I wasn't really in the mood for some heavy Mexian I ordered the side salad (5,500W) and neglected to take a picture of it, because how pretty or alluring can I make lettuce? The portions were huge though, and the price is pretty decent. And NEVER in Seoul have I found a place where you get continuous bowls of salsa...real spicey hot salsa, none of that tomato paste sugar infected "salsa." In all honesty, the margaritas were getting talked up so much this whole week that my heart was set on a fruity margarita...and that's what I got ^^*!~
strawberry margarita! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The night continued onto billiards, connect four, dancing (as always ^^*!~) and an overwhelmingly positive event...      The next morning however was not my finest...most of the day was spent in bed, chatting with Jaxs and postponing too much activity  (womp womp) but I had a birthday party...a 3 way birthday party to go motivation and love of the crew got me going and...what a  wonderful birthday it was!
     The crew met up for dinner at 샤부샤부 and then to flair bar...that's where I met them. Flair bar is a fun place, and provides enrtertainment. The bartenders all do tricks with fire, from lighting their jeans up or setting your drinks off!
     After Flair trusty Woodstock was the next destination and it was more than memorable this time. Everyone seemed to be celbrating Fiona, Pol, and Matts birthday, pitchers didn't stay full for longer than three minutes, drinking was the expected, dancing was necessary, and being foolish was demanded. Without giving out too many details, this one is for the books.
Happy Birthday Fiona, you're beautiful*!~
Happy Birthday Pol..."DAMN YOU!"
Happy Birthday Matt, hope you're feeling better!

     This morning I woke up rather early (despite the arrival home) and decided to go exploring...I found a mountain about ten minutes away and started hiking. It was beautiful, calming, and mentally well deserved. There was nearly no one sharing the mountain with me, and I was spoiled with woodsy smells, leaves crackling, and birds whistling.

following the noises (photo taken by VeganBeats)
...while on the walk I started to hear some chanting, being curious I followed it and soon approached a temple. It was during bowing that I entered the temple and hoping not to disturb them I simply wandered and took in my sorroundings.

photo taken by VeganBeats

the statue of Buddha (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The temple is called 미륵암. After the chanting ended, the monks and I tried to speak with one another, but it turned more into a confused laughter and a meal invitation. They motioned towards the kitchen with them and pulled up chairs for themselves and I. Before I could say anything, there was a scurry of 반찬 and 김치 being taken out, along with savory scented soups, teas, rice cakes, etc. Everyone was so happy and everything felt safe and strangely comforting. I tried my hanguel, they tried some english and there was a couple hours of laughter...when the meal was finished I tried to offer some money, some help, anything, but they insisted that I pay nothing and that I please come visit them again. touched...their warmth is beyond me.       On the way home, I passed by a resturaunt that I have walked by so many times before but today was somewhat different. It is owned by two ajjumas and this time they waved me in. They appparently have seen me several times before (and probably caught me squinting and reading their menu) and waved me inside. They spoke nearly no english but pulled out a chair and sat me down. They started cooking and singing, and holding up random veggies saying their names in hanguel. I couldn't be rude and tell them I was more than full, I can't be disrespectful. They sat with me, random 전 all around me and some 두부, and 반찬. Another gifted meal of food made fromt he heart. I only ate some 두부, explaining that meets make me sick, along with all the other vegan resrictions...they refused my money and asked I come again...

The 반찬 was simple, and delightful...

pan fried 두부 simple delicious and fresh (photo taken by VeganBeats)

A weekend of wonder, laughter, exploration, chance....I'm feeling for a wonderful week^^*!~

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