Sunday, March 6, 2011

Missing the BQ crew

     My family from home, the BQ crew has been on my mind for a while now..I miss them a lot, have been for a while, but especially now, in this moment, I wish they were here. Maybe it is for selfish reasons or desires, but there is a sense of comfort and acceptance I feel with my family that is lost here. I have my actual biological family here, but I have grown into a different person...and that is difficult to grow comfortable with when you recall my 5 year old self.
     Then there are the new friends I have here..many I love, but there are more obstacles I crash into upon realizing that it is amongst a very select number of people that I have become part of a community of, and we're all still getting to know one another. There is no comfort or true attachment accomplished yet. Sure I enjoy parts of everyone, but they are parts...I do not yet feel enough of a connection to state in confidence that these individuals will be in my life for very long.
     My family back home...sure we're different, there are clashings of thoughts and beliefs, but there is a respect, acknowledgment and genuine love and appreciation for one another. Even if we may not agree with everything, we're considerate. I miss the comfort and genuine relationships and bonds I have developed with them...I wish I could share Seoul with them.

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