Saturday, March 19, 2011

Musical pauses

     Once in a while a song comes along (into your life) that surges through you, encompasses you, causing your complete physicaly body to become parallel to it. Maybe my senses become far more sensitive, or the song comes along at an especially vulnerable point...but there are several of these that even still, now create a momentary pause, a complete association of emotions, reflections...state of minds. A few~:
     Little Girl by Robert Francis is one of these songs, it isn't very popular, not many people know of Robert Francis. This song song stumbled into my life on a record hunt accident. I was at Armageddon Records in Rhode Island and at the time very into Hard Metal...there was a box behind and underneath a ton of old vinyls and I found an unmarked unlabeled album, 30 cents, and I felt drawn to it...Robert Francis entered my musical range then. I don't know how to explain what this song does to and for me...the first time I heard it was in complete silence and when it finished I was still silent. I was so obsessed with this song that it would be on constant repeat. I felt like it got me closer to a more intimate reflection of myself, for reasons I can't quite call upon. None the less, it's a beautifully sad song.

      Hellhole Ratrace by the Girls is another song...indie sad I know, but the background of this artist is really interesting! The band is made up of two key members and one of them is from the cult "Children of God." He wasn't really allowed to listen to music, so everything he absorbed was through the pg-13 movies he was allowed to watch. Through that influence, the Girls created an album that is rather diverse and experimental with their songsm sounds, productions.... This song draws me in for its simplicity and slow build up. My roomie and I used to sit on our roof and sing and play with this song all the time. I would love to see them live. (I also really love their music videos!!)

     I'll Fight by Wilco is a great song. Not the greatest of their songs, but I really do love this one. I can't help but soak this song in and waver my body to it. I used to think this song was about an old partner and I, it reminds me of him. It's very repiticious and not too exploratory in terms of chords and buildups and such...but it's a great song, simple, to the point, and very easy to enjoy. (I don't think I can respectfully do justice to my appreciation and love for Wilco...)

   Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros is a song that my crew here listens to all the time, and at first I was drawn to it, but failed to feel it. I always danced to it, but in an awkward cobination of limbs bending and a lack of confidence in how to flow with it. It's a song full of love, a purity about it that for me, brings me to moments of pure innocent love, care, compassion. This song calms me, makes me sad, hopeful...and smile. Now there are so many connections I have brought to it...

I look forward to the music that will stumble into my life...spoil my ears ^^*!~

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