Thursday, March 17, 2011

Julios Tacos and Slyders~

     I just got home, been out since 7:30 this morning...야!!! Been producive, been focused, been efficient. The crew is currently in 이태원 celebrating St. Patty's, I am there in spirit. Today has been a whirlwind of thoughts, worries, ideas, etc...
     Last night a friend and I checked out a Mexican joint in 강남, Julios Taco and Slyder!  I (of course) left the camera at home so couldn't take any pics, but the place had a cute interior. It was clean, approachable, and comfortable..although the Avril Lavigne music could have lowered. They had a lot of options and the moment we sat down my friend said "The place feels legit." and really I couldn't agree more.
     There were a lot of options and menu was in both Korean and English! My friend got a chicken burrito (I think...eeeek) and I went with the "ensalada" but opted out on the obvious~ no cheese, meat, sour cream...somehow asking for less is confusing. But BUT (!!!) there are English speakers at this place...positive points!^^*!~ The food came out relatively quickly and was plated beautifully! I so wish I had some pictures...people should be running to this place! My friend's meal was colorful, and artistically focused on...cilantro, there was cilantro!! At the end of his meal he wanted something to scoop up the sauce...ugh it was really beautifully plated, I can't get over that.
     My salad was in a fried tortilla bowl, beans on the bottom (not too much), romaine, some iceberg, frisee, gaucomole, slivered red onions, tomatoes, chredded cilantro, and sprouts! I didn't have to mix this salad up at all, everything was blended  perfectly; flavorful, fresh, and filling! Ingredients portioned out perfectly for my taste! I didn't eat the shell, but was more than satisfied. I def recommend this place...Daniel over at SeoulEats has this and this to say about Julios!
     It's obviously better known for those mini-burger situations...but it is def Vegan and veggie friendly~ personally I found it far more appealing than On the Border...more options, 
     I couldn't find a site for this resto but I am rather confident that I may be wandering over to Julios again at some point! ^^*!~ (pictures will be taken~~

     After dining, Woodstock was hit up and as always~ good crew, good laughs and positive vibes~

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