Friday, March 25, 2011

Efficiency through postive personal manipulation...>.
     Efficiency with wandering...concentration on the self. Doing errands and getting things done is consistent with my ideal "me" time, being productive, getting the necessary tasks completed is far more rewarding at times than indulging in adored entertainment. Today was focused on doing those mundane truly non-important but personally felt necessary duties. Cleaning the new place up, working on making it my own, sorting out and organizing cafe cards and stamps, checking out Shinsegae Department store, shopping, getting some people time in, and finding a gym.
      The moment I woke up I just soaked my sorroundings in, that being the realism of present happenings~ new place, new opportunity to make it my own...get comfy. Even in Junggye I lived in that big place, but I didn't live there. I slept there, sat there for a couple hours, but I was not fully comfortable, it didn't ever feel like my home. Then there was the minor habitation at 숭실대입구, place was so tight, cozy but...almost unbearably so. This new place is big, welcoming, it has a positive vibe to it already. And it has so much potential. This could become a home... Some quick cleaning, further organizing and I began to get antsy...outside. This was ample opportunity to get all those stamps on all my cards organized. I had about four cafe cards for several different coffee shops so I went to each one and asked that they put the total number of stamps I had onto one card...lighter wallet, less to fumble through. The girl before me also left her assortment of cards so I visited those shops to organize even more cards. Got me walking, more wandering and menu hunting. Another game I play is menu hunting...checking the scene at decent looking places and figuring out what vegan ops they have, depending on how many along with variety, higher ranking, thus greater potential to have some customers next time the crew wants some noms...
      Anyways, after this I went to check out Shinsegae Department store, thanks to Aliens day Out, I grew a tad curious and had to check it out!!
      The food store/shops/stands are all in the basement, Oh and Shinsegae is RIGHT by express bus terminal...can't believe I've never wandered in here before. Anyways...many discoveries, though..this place was CROWDED!! 
anyone want some kimchi multi-vitamins? (photo taken by VeganBeats)
 Shinsegae has cherries!!!! I LOVE cherries, it's been so long since I've had them, let alone seen them...7,900W is a bit pricey, but hell...cherries!!
dark sweet cherries ^^*!~ photo taken by VeganBeats
 I also found the Amy's cakes that Alien's day out posted...and for you vegetarians craving some 'Merican's here! for 23,000W Eeek!!
almost could pass for a section at Stop and Shop! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
 My favorite section in any store is the produce...fruit veggies....When I see fruit, Carrie from Sex and the City says the same thing I do when she sees shoes....
"Hello Lover..." (photo taken by VeganBeats)
I see, I want, I love ^^*!~..I think this may all be organic also!! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
There is one thing I miss terribly,  besides the organic farms and local goods from VT...legit balsamic vinegar....and this place has my FAVORITE KIND!!!! Blaze....ugh...I cried a little when I saw this, literally clenched my eyes shut to keep the tears back ^^*!~

all sorts, all kind, h my oh my....but BLAZE!!! 4th from the right (photo taken by VeganBeats)
 The next pic is, blech...cutting out the steps of making a cheesburger AND adding the sauce to it...raw meat with sauce and the fixings already on it...ready for the mic...womp womp
 After Shinsegae playing, I kicked it with my 하라버지 and 할엄어니 over at my 이모 's house. Then I wandered over back home and decided to embark on my gym searching mission. Found one, that is 1,000,000W a year...only weight rooms and yoga. It's small, very clean but DAMN 1 million is a lot to drop I think....right?
     Tomorrow I'm checking another one out...just opened and so far have heard positive feedback. Plus, there is a deal coming around soon...
     A WAY while back, when I first arrived here I met up with my 이모 and an old friend and her mother. We met up at 곤국 at the Lotte dept store for a late dinner and catch up session...this was when I first had Angel In Us coffee....*salivate* Anywas~ I just discovered how to email myself my phone pics and here are some very belated pictures of the noms~
도토리국수, 비빔여체, and 된장찌개 (photo taken by VeganBeats)
The 도토리국수 was so flavorful, I still remember it as being subtle, complex, and energizing...overall very pleasant. All vegan, no noodles, no gluten, acorns jelly, scallions, 김, and cucumber...^^*!~
a VERY blurry closeup of the 비빔여체!!
Missions done, cards organized, discoveries made, shopping done (^^*!~), gym: initiating research, and over 8 hours of walking....Ooh, I'm on my way*!~

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