Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So the Weekend concluded~

          Yesterday was my "Sunday" and I won't be having that "blues" that I could count on like clockwork anymore...anyone can with a full-time job that fell on weekdays. When 9pm starts to roll by, I won't feel the need, innate desire to keep my eyes open and push back sleep time...because the sooner you close you eyes, the closer Monday truly is. I won't have this going on for...months~ I'll add a teeny shimmy to this.
     Since my final day with the kids (tears), there's been full-fledged chill time in action. I walk the girls, chase them around sometimes, do my yoga, get some necessary vitamin D and have spent some time playing in the kitchen! There are some things I want to tackle...lasagna (damn heavy- essentially a ratatouille with some more body, no noodles), falafels, jalfrezi, vegan mayo (why, because I can), and master some sort of whole-wheat nut-studded bread!
     This past "week" of free time has got me playing around with all sorts of stuff and getting in some quirky finds. There's been a LOT of puppy snuggling and relaxing but there's also been a fair share of wandering.
snuggle~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     On Friday, I caught a movie with an old friend over at Coex and I'm feeling I need to wander the stall more, some of the new fashion is so awful, it's desirable. For example...I really want this track suit.
photo taken by VeganBeats
      On Saturday, I was getting ready to hit up a Birthday party for one of my favorite Seoul Vegans! The theme of his party was to dress like you did in high school. I rocked the Catholic uniform back in my promming days. I scraped together a bunch of clothes and did a whole load of skirt rolling and well..it's almost there!
Catholic School girlin'- photo taken by VeganBeats
     The party was at an Irish pub, soaked in good music, filled with people wearing Hawaiian shirts, army cargo pants, pinstriped suits...a room of glorious people! This got me missing high school, back int he visual environment of high school likes...granted I wore the same thing everyday at school, I miss my uniform.
     Kia whipped up a bunch of cute and delicious cupcakes! She made vanilla cupcakes with hazelnut frosting, some with vanilla, and others with chocolate frosting. I had a vanilla frosting cupcake and...nom nom nom!
cupcakes! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Several drinks in, hugs and birthday exchanges, I wandered off for midnight coffee and one on one time with another wonderful Vegan. So far...so good...!

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