Monday, February 20, 2012

Itchin in the Kitch~

     My cooking has been suffering a LOT lately. Suffering by just not happening. (How often do I whine about this) but I did some playing and created some pretty flavor packed stuff!~
     I'm a little exhausted and lacking words at the here's some pictures!
tumeric rosemary and black pepper almonds (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     When I go food shopping, I've been buying nuts, which really isn't necessary. They're expensive and pretty easy to make at home. So I went for it and made some AWESOME spiced and flavor jacked almonds! These are tumeric, rosemary, and black pepper "French-fried" almonds...yum!!
     Just to make something pretty I whipped up a chocolate strawberry cake~

chocolate strawberry cake (photo taken by veganBeats)
     Can you see the strawberries peeking out?!~ To make it extra pretty and a bit more complex, I made a raw coconut cream and chocolate hazelnut "frosting."

pretty! (photo taken by veganBeats)
     This was rich, lovely, full of fruit, and besides the natural fats pumping from coconut, it's essentially fat free. The only additional fats in here were whipped flax seeds!!

     More to come, more playing to get on~

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