Thursday, February 23, 2012

Busy week, Last day...pack rattin'

     This past week has been very tightly packed, I love busy but this week was scheduled enough that I didn't get in all my P90X! I can't deny that I'm feeling insecure, angry, and pretty aggravated about it. I've mentioned it so many times, I like crossing off my daily list and the P90X was a point on the list along with a place on my yearly/sectioned goals and resolutions. I've still been active...but this week I've been too tired to make time for it. (Not acceptable- parts of me say, while others try to be realistic and reasonable)

     Be gentle with yourself~ I say it often, and believe it...take the advice!

pat juk is a nice way to relax right~ this was at a tutor gig... (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Everyday I wake up around 5, walk the dogs (dog sitting again!), grab the bus to West Seoul and teach until 9/9:10, sprint to the subway back to Seocho to the kindy job, work until 4:30/5, walk to the next tutor session, catch another bus and walk the dogs, go to another tutoring session...home around 11. It's too late to work out (not really) but I'm very fatigued and I have to wake up at 5! Ugh~
     Today was my last day with the kids, my last day with my school and I was ready to leave, knew I would miss my kids but...the pouring of tears wasn't something I prepared for. At the end of my second class, my kids ran around me, wrapping their teeny arms around my shoulders, neck, legs, and  kissing my cheeks, saying how much they'll miss me, cooing and giggling...and I. Lost. It~ I tried to wipe my eyes, but kids being kids only provided more love, making me cry more...

     It's funny how much all my kids have changed me, taught me throughout this past year. This was a job in the beginning, a means to fill my wallet...they became a source of love, energy, and joy; they are the reason why I stayed. I send so much love to them...I really love them. They're not even my own, but I love them this much~ ('This'  being completely undefineable).

     After today, red and puffy eyed me sloppily packed my apartment up into my bathroom because tomorrow all the furniture is going to be replaced...Veganbeatin' pack rat in action~

my apartment fits into my bathroom~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
      This year I learned a great deal about love, genuine happiness, how to live the moment...and my teachers were all younger than 7...
nothing but love~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)

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