Thursday, February 16, 2012

reverse block

     I love writing, and do it often...but I find myself staring at my computer, keys resting at my fingertips with a screaming buzz cutting into my ears. There's an abundance of thoughts, ideas, frustrations~ an overwhelming siege of them. Every emotion and part is clawing to get out another, raising voices over one another, blinding and binding words from being released. There are no words, not enough to cling together at least to be able to accurately describe what I'm feeling, how all of this is effecting me. A series of similes and metaphors creates an idea, but translating them clearly when they're all simultaneously shrieking proves a mighty challenge. Imagine all of your friends playing their favorite song at the same'll no longer be music and messages...noise, united fuzz.
     Usually people get hit with writer's block by a lack of inspirations or ideas, I'm dealing with an influx of them. Granted, complaining about this isn't necessary, I'm glad that there's some juice flowing~ but they're cutting one another off. Feeling too many t hings, thinking far too much...I'm wearing myself out.

     The past couple posts have been undeniably bitter~ maybe I'm turning into a grapefruit? I've trying to re-evaluate my life, where it's going, where I want to go, with my mind, spirit, thoughts, legs~
I'm in a funk...I have things to write, but my ability is blocked.

Clearly a new start is around the bend...but to what?

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