Sunday, June 19, 2011

Revisiting Hongdae...night and day~

     Last night, Saturday night, after Big Phony (I'll write about that later!) I wandered over to Hongdae. This makes it Hongdae two weekends in a row, after a MAJOR Hongdae break...and still, the end result is the same. Too much maekgoli and a massive headache in the morning...followed by the stomach swiveling dance that leaves you nauseous for hours.
     This morning wasn't awful, and somehow I woke up with only an hours sleep under me belt. Have you ever had water make waves inside your stomach? Inebriated me was smart, over 3 liters of water, and probably well over five pounds of water sitting in my gut, my head was fine...but my stomach, ugh my stomach. I started the morning with the hangover musts, shower, coffee, and sunlight. I know food would usually be on that list,, never on my list. Just coffee, black, bitter, acidic coffee.
     I thought I was taking my time, hell I had time to kill until I had to wander over to Hongdae again. I did everything slowly, made the effort to do everything mindfully, but everything took me less than an hour. It was 7:30 am, and I had five hours until I would be returning to the town that reeks of stale liquor and vomit.
     Going to Hongdae during the day is always a trip. I feel like a vampire forced into the sun when I'm there, my eyes stretch thin, there's a scent that punches me in the face, my skin hurts, my brain automatically starts to throb once I get there. Hongdae is so different when there's day involved. It's strange to see sober people there, and as disgusting as it sounds, and is, the scent of vomit is so prominent and overwhelming. I was meeting up with Hyunwoo Sun (of for an interview and on the way, I swear I could have played hopscotch on all the dried remains of food and alcohol particles. Hongdae for many (not just myself) is covered in a drunken haze, and is so connected to all night drinking and partying and sloppiness. During the day, when there's sunlight, and you can't hear 'Americano' pumping at every corner, it's more than foreign, it's bizarre and...even intimidating.
     The land is deserted territory. I find myself feeling challenged whenever I go to Hongdae, day or night. Either way, I feel like I cash in a lot of brain cells and up the idiocy. Even if I am sober, I find myself slurring, or feeling drunk. It's a social response attached to this town. This is why, for so long I have avoided this area. I know how I will feel, how I will wake up, and how stupid I feel after. I don't take part in anything dangerous, or credibly churlish, but I just feel dumber.
     Anyways, I found this picture from last night, and saw this no street stand today!
fruit, pineapple, watermelon, melons...this is MY kind of stall! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     My rant is over, today's interview was great, and we got to kick it at Bau House. A doggie cafe located in Hongdae (of course) with loads of puppies and dogs. I've gone here before and love chilling with the pups...but it's a bit difficult to concentrate. 
lovely! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
my sleepy neighbor (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Sunday is rounding out to an end...more to come...keep an eye out!!!

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