Sunday, June 26, 2011

김치 Hummus and coffee....

     I've been taking advantage of the rain, playing and wandering outside has left my body tired and joints aching. I don't get sad or lonely when it rains, but my joints ache up, they creak and I feel like I've aged several decades. I don't take pills or medications for any issues I have, I believe in the power of tea...(China, be prepared for me!) And although coffee isn't 'tea' when it comes to cramps and aching joints, coffee has always worked the best for me.
      Korea has gotten really trendy with tea and the concept of freshly dripped coffee now comes in single-fresh-air-sealed bags. I got a couple from some friends and took it for a test spin. (By the time I decided to test it out, I was crunched up in one achy pile, I can only kiss upon what arthritis must feel like.) The second I opened up my "drip coffee" the scent teased my nose and the aroma danced around my face...for a second I felt like I was Carlton Banks falling upon a Tom Jones classic at random (I've been watching loads of Fresh Prince....) goofy smiles.
pouring the water! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
let it drip...(photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Considering it was packaged 'drip coffee' it was pretty good. Each individually wrapped portion provided about two decent cups of coffee, and it was surprisingly bold and flavorful. It wasn't too acidic and I actually savored it. I wish it wasn't so heavily packaged though. I'll stick to my bags of beans and grind them myself..but if these happened to end up in my possession....

     After coffee sipping, my body craved some protein, so a hummus experiment was in the works. 김치 hummus!! With too much garlic to leave the house with! I wanted spice, fiber, flavor, and overwhelming with in my theory...김치 can only improve things...김치 chocolate is next to play around with (I don't like chocolate >.<#)

김치 Hummus (kimchi hummus)
What you need:
*can of garbonzo beans (or about two cups of soaked once dried garbanzos)
*1/2 cup of water (or 1/4 cup olive oil)
*1.5-2.5 T minced garlic (I love this....too much)
*1/2 tsp pepper~~ground fresh
*1/2-1 cup 김치 

What to do:
1. get your food processor...
2. throw everything in
3. press go...

1. cook the beans over medium heat with 2-3 T of water
2. while beans are cooking, chop the 김치  as small as you have the patience for (reserve some 김치 juice. 
3. once the beans are mushy enough to smash with a fork, remove from heat and add minced garlic, pepper, and water (or olive oil.) 
4. add the 김치 and mix all together. 
5. if not a creamy consistency, add more 김치 juice or water or oil. 

yum! (photo taken by VeganBeats)

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  1. great idea. i've used my blender for smoothies and soups thus far.