Friday, June 24, 2011

Born to Run....

     Monsoon season officially started here in Korea, my mental claims and personal promises to get on my bike more...are now greater challenged. I've discovered though that *knock on wood* my knees and ankles are slowly healing and running is again possible!! I have been really worried that I couldn't polish off two miles, but I went for a four miler yesterday!! the rain! I personally adore this weather, the raining part. I think rain is life, it's a celebration of rejuvenation, rebirth, new beginnings, cleaning slates. There's a beauty that emerges, the scents, the freshness, the glossy coating over all things surrounding. I feel like a child, bursting with curiosity (I guess I'm a child all the time.) My body is excited, I have more energy and I want to run and run and run!
      It could also be because of this (so far) awesome book I've been reading. 'Born to Run' is written by Chris McDougall and it's the "barefoot running bible." It focuses more so on the love of life/running, the Tarahumara people. They can run for hundreds of miles, free of injury, pain, and they do so for the pure love of it. I admit, I have started running for reasons outside of love. I started because of this life goal I've got, because I've always wanted to be a distance runner, and because I love runner's bodies. A body of endurance, dedication, and talent. I think now though, that these bodies represent genuine joy of our carnal existence. Pushing out bodies to their limits, seeing what they can do, where they can take us. I remember as a child I would spend all day running outside. I felt free, giddy, electric. I felt so full of joy (endorphins) and in my head, I was one with my animal sisters and brothers. I felt a greater connection with nature, life in it's purest and most honest form. I didn't have to go inside, go to school; just run, play, adventure.
     This book, and the rain has me buzzing with motivation. Instead of running to burn calories, or because I missed my workout and "I have to," but because...I used to love it, and I've forgotten what it's been like to be a kid with it.
subtle silent beauty (photo taken by VeganBeats)

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