Friday, November 12, 2010

Bau cafe, basement

     Friday!! You're here, you're finally here, I've been waiting for so long....
This week has been...another strenuous one. Dealing with the internal battles and other issues external to my body and self, I've just been drained, and not sleeping....(this pattern again?)

     Anyways, have had a hell of a lot of highlights speckled between though...I always make sure to organize situations where highlights and positivitites are at a high potential...
     I've been to Hongdae about three times this week...often enough that I don't quit remember what exactly or where exactly I was prior to going...(if that makes any sense...)
     One of the times I went (maybe Wednesday) I checked out the Bau House. Stephanie has been going often and saying such great things about it, I HAD to go, and of course who else would I go with but the Amazing lady herself!! Bau House is a cafe that has dosens of puppies and dogs of all sizes and breeds roaming around. You can buy treats to feed the dogs and they all wander around freely in this large room, walking on tables, snuggling up to you on the couches, or laying beneath you while you sip on some tea. It was exactly where I wanted to be...there's something about happy animals that, no matter the stresses and unhappiness, you are understood and free to breathe and, everything just loosens up....
Here are some of the gorgeous canines!!!
photo by VeganBeats
GIANT sleepy Husky
photo taken by VeganBeats
my favorite pup, kept hanging out with me!
photo taken by VeganBeats
     Stephanie and I chilled there for a coupld hours and just chatted and...relaxed. We both have had our fair share of stuff going on lately, again, I love much*!~
     Bau House is really dog friendly, you're actually encouraged to bring you four-legged friends with you, the drinks are a tad steep (my green tea was 5,000W) butexperience is worth it. I'll post the directions later...CHECK THIS CAFE OUT*!~
     After Bau, Stephanie and I wandered and explored some of Hongdae...and found that there are TONS of HOF bars that serve...meat...went home late, didn't sleep, work...
     I went to Hongdae last night also, after a day of stress and....baaarrrrgghhhhhh!!! Had to move into a new place last night, but not until 7:30 pm. I couldn't get the key to my new place until late at night, so I was just stressing about moving everything so late, when I could have moved so much early in the am and during my break. I also didn't get notified that I had to pay a bunch of stuff for my old place in order to get into my new place....I found out at 4. So in between classes I sprinted around, go tthat stuff done, zipped in just in time to teach my other classes, then peaced home with my coworkers and started the moving process. The mover was...hilarious, at least I thought so. He was in his forties (maybe) built like a line backer, wearing a jean and leather jacket and a baller cap, he lost his tape (I took it accidentally) and he started cursing left and right about this tape, nearly dropped something on my boss/coworker, was just...a tad hectic. Amy helped, so did M.K, then Stephanie and Jaxs came over, then two more bosses came over...this new place is teeny, but I'm liking it better so far. BUT, the tenant that lived here before me left a bunch of stuff I feel like I'm living in suitcases and boxes....
     Anyways, after the work team peaced, it was just Jaxs, Stephanie and I...I love these women. We just kicked it, laughed and...just the sense of balance. I was so overwhelmed and stressed out and feeling so tense, but with just these ladies, I felt I was in a trance electro bar and then the music turns into mellow acoustics, Mastadon to Jeff Buckley.

     We went to Hongdae (two days in a row killa) and I met up with a buddy for a bit (O; ㅎㅎㅎ then went to Cheers (a HOF) bar and we got some peach soju...ONLY 4,000W (about $4 for a pitcher) and this stuff was so yummy, and hit the spot. It was sweet, went down easily, wasn't too strong, and tasty. I don't like peaches (yech) but with soju...mamma bear isn't complaining (O;

     Now it's today, a long day at work, so exhausted all day...and have a long day ahead...but before passing out (I plan on doing so super soon) I explored my apartment building and in my basement is a whole bunch of things!!! There's a library, driving range (serious), a PC bar/arcade (ish), a craft store, and everything store, and two restuarants...I played there for a bit, and got myself some eats before resuming apartment cleaning. I explained my lifestyle in the amount of Korean I could yap out (mot mog-goy-yo gogi, gearan, sangsun, etc etc etc) and they made me some soon dubu (순두부)  without oyster, fish broth, fish cakes, or clams...totally vegan! The lady even motioned me over to show me how she was making it...!!!
photo taken by VeganBeats
It was piping hot when I got it and full of mushrooms, chives, scallions, and lots of tofu...really hit the spot! Spice spice spice!!!
There was a lot of banchan available too, most were vegan too!! I asked (O;
from left to right, gochujang 고추장, cabbage kimchi, fried ham, spicey tofu, squash, fried fish skin, greens cabbage kimchi, seaweed/kelp salad, my 순둡부, and 밥
photo taken by VeganBeats
Obviously avoided the non vegan jams...asked about the kimchi, they said no fish, no anchovies, no shrimp...(O;
close up of the banchan, bottom left, cabbage kimchi, fried ham, squash, spicey tofu, fish skin, greens cabbage kimchi, and the seaweed salad
photo taken by VeganBeats
I resumed my evening in my new place, dusting, unpacking and attempting to organize as much as I can without getting upset about all this clutter...must relax, must breath.

Ah a super highlight of this week is I've been writing again, and much more often. Busting out a notebook ont he subway is great, but I've missed some stops because I'm getting rather into it....must get started ont hat project of mine....


currently sipping on some chamomile tea and asking, allowing restful eyes to fall upon me...

Hopefully this weekend will last, and I'll be able to savor every second...

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