Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Start Buffet

     I took advantage of my free time and decided to take my books, writing materials, and ideas over to the all vegan buffet spot New Start. I've heard nothing but good things about it and was more than curious...but of course my camera's batteries died on instant so, apologies for the poor image quality.
     The spread is small but various, and concentrates more so on veggies versus meat imitation. I personally get kind of creeped out by veggie seeing broccoli, sprouts, loads of greens and definitely made me happier.
From top left and clockwise: 물김치 (water kimchi), lettuce, 김치 (kimchi), quesedillas, 두부 (tofu), pumpkin, 불고기 (soy bulgogi), broccoli, 고추장 beans, and cabbage rolls. (photo taken by VeganBeats) 
     My first plate was loaded up...really loaded up, and so was my second! I wanted to try everything! They had a lot of stuff. Seasoned tofu, vegan kimchi, pumpkin, gochujang sweet beans (??), cabbage rolls, kimbap, etc...small table, but lots to choose from...LOTS!
From top left clockwise: 불고기 (soy bulgogi), 김치 (kimchi), beets and cabbage, cabbage rolls, 김밥 (kimbap...with brown rice!!), apple salad, rice noodles and squash tomatoe sauce, 묵(muk/acorn jelly), 반찬 (banchan), and more 두부 (tofu) (photo taken by VeganBeats)
    My favorite was the cabbage rolls, they were small and very flavorful. Steamed cabbage leaves filled with a tofu and veggie mix, light, clean, and healthy! The broccoli was also great, it was steamed in a light miso sauce with mushrooms and onions.
~~I got loads of writing in, read a bunch and ate...more than I have in AGES~ took me about 3 hours...whatever!
     The price wasn't bad, 12,000W (50% off for people between 5 and 12 years old!) and considering there was so much to choose from..I left full, productive, and very tired.

New Start Info:
Open Sunday through Friday
Lunch~ 11:30-3pm
Dinner~ 5-8:30 pm

Food shop~ 9am-9pm

How to get there:
line 2, Seolleung station.
Exit out of gate 2 and walk about 50m past Burger king. On the left is an office supply store called 'Linko', turn left and when you see the Holly's on your left, look across the street, there's New Start~> go to the second floor!!!

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