Sunday, January 2, 2011


Last night was....AMAZING*!~

          I went to the SHINee concert, went in as a "fan"...left a real fan. These guys are all so talented and truly impressed me, I wasn't expecting such an awesome show!
The show was at the Olympic stadium in Seoul, and was filled with I was the oldest (easily) in my section, besides the mothers who brought their neices and daughters...
          None the less, I was PUMPED! I was prepared to dance, sing out loud...hell I practiced Ring Ding Dong...

          Anyways, entering the stadium I found myself getting just as (if not more) excited than all the kids round me. I haven't been to a pop concert in so long, and I've been listening to SHINee non-stop for a good couple weeks now. On the large tv screens were SHINee trivia and facts, and all the kids around me were squeling at every picture...I was glad I was able to accurately decipher all the band members. Oh, down.
Onew is the leader of the group, the eldest member and a lead vocalist.
Taemin is the lead dancer of the group and the youngest member.
JongHyun is a lead vocalist and is in a new band called SM the Ballad along with other Kpoppers.
Minho is a model and one of the rappers in the group, he has been voted most athletic kpop star for this year.
Key is another rapper and singer and a very talented dancer, before SHINee he did background dancing for some fellow Kpoppers.

My seat on the computer looked like I would be super far, but I wasn't!!! Everything was seeing range, maybe about 50 yards....
I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures, I got scolded rather quickly into it...but I did get some snapshots.
photo taken by VeganBeats
Photo taken by VeganBeats
 When you got into the show we were all handed light sticks! This is the crowd around me!!
 So no one dances at shows here....they just wave the glow sticks around in rythm. Learning the dances apparently doesn't matter....>_<#
The concert began with a teaser video introducing the was great and more than comical. The video opened with the moon and stars and crystals...essentially all things shiny floating across the screen and turning into the floating sleeping bodies of the band members...mirrored by gasps and giggles from the crowd around me, I was anticipating a seriously cheesey "pop" show.
and in some ways...I got that. I got the shiny stuff, the glitter, the dancing...but these guys brought a lot more.
KEY*!~     photo taken by VeganBeats
 They did a lot of complex dance moves and balanced their hits and song choices. There was great flow with the ballads and the dancey jumpy stuff. And all the guys had an opportunity to preform solo.
JongHyun started first, he did a whole DJ bit, he sang over his beats and got really into it. He's a pretty talented dj, he did the scratching, skipping, etc, it was clear that he has practiced and has been at this for a while...I was really comfortable.
Then Taemin went. They did a lot of child oriented stuff with Taemin. I think because he's the youngest. Anyways, there were these adorable kids on stage just acting out innocent games, and it was like he was singing about childhood. He can dance!! He was busting moves throughout the whole show, he's really in his element when he's moving around...if I could dance like him...eieie
Minho did his solo bit was more of a "look at how sexy Minho is" section, he rapped a bit, but more or less danced around, did a lot of popping and took his shirt off. Followed by tons of screams...but...this guy,...I'll!
Then Key went, he did "My very First Kiss" and he was adorable. Flourescent outfit, bright colors (obviously..I realized I just used two synonym to describe this..) and he was super playful. Really comfortable on stage and using the WHOLE stage. It always bothered me when preformers were shy with their stage space. Another Kpopper joined him for the female parts, I don't know her name though. But his bit was really fun!

Then there were some more hits, like Juliet (wow!!), Replay, and Hello. They did these songs really well, well all of their songs were done well.
They're really into looking like angels...and flying! They would get strapped up and they went all over the stadium! Minho and Jonghyun were literally 3 feet in front of me!! ^^*~
KEY^^*~ Photo taken by VeganBeats
After that Onew had his solo preformance...he is trained in Opera! He had a whole orchestra and sang a couple opera songs...this was completely unexpected. He really belted it out and had such a beautiful voice. The orchestra was a beautiful addition too!
I was honestly shocked witht he level of talent these guys had...the complex dance moves, diverse interests that they were able to share with the crowd...
They ended the show with Ring ding Dong and Lucifer...I was chair dancing so hard...and getting seriously stared at...phbbbt.
At the end of the show, there was an encore, everyone here says "eh-n-corle"...they did their SHINee jam...and thanked the crowd...and were overwhelmed.
Preforming their first home show was alot, and there were tears, happiness, and overall enjoyment.

The show was a amazing, these guys are talented, I didn't expect to have so much fun! I really enjoyed myself and look forward to their next show...
Again, I went as a fan, admire them so much more now...

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