Sunday, January 9, 2011

Future artists of maybe....most likely ehhh

Another weekend has passed...and too quickly at that. I made into the town I love, and willingly admit, it is my second home...홍대, how I love thee, hate thee, can't run away from thee...

This time around though I met with the crew at Club Freebird for some indie music....and only managed to sit through barely two sets...was not feeling the indie scene. Coming from Btown Vermont, there are only so many Urban Outfitters garbed up thick sunglass wearing hipsters I can take.
Don't we look like we're having a blast?! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
 This was before the knee socks and leg warmers....
photo taken by VeganBeats
If the performances were tolerable I may have stayed but...ugh. The entertainers seemed ill prepared. Like they sat at home overlaying cheap tracks and spoke in Konglish along with uttering 'yeahs' and 'uhuhs' whenever a bass line thumped. Add in some air humps, knee socks, and arm warmers...indie show.
again, UGH.
Plus, the "free drink ticket" was for cass beer (yech), water, or a small container of juice....serious. Give me my cover back....and my time.

peace...So Jaxs, Patricia and I decided to wander outside and let our legs take us somewhere....anywhere.....
Papa is right next to the place, was so tempted but knees said "elsewhere"...maybe mama's?
Got caught by some kids...yes, kids...that wanted to practice their English skills...Hit up a hof and listened to them tell us of their acting, singing, and rapping dreams...
These kids were babies....I felt like an 이모 instead of a 누나. >_<#
This whole experience was more comical than enjoyable, 소주 for dinner though helped me go through with this ridiculous experience, the toleration of Korean boy singing dreams..."태민 칭구" please....
 This was all together ridiculous, drunk uncomfortable, thankful for my girls next to me....only in Korea...really...ONLY in Korea this one time. I will not spend any time outside of my office listening to self-promotion of kpop hopefuls.
the future actors and entertainers of Korea....(photo taken by VeganBeats)
thug life (photo taken by VeganBeats)
Okay, they weren't kids, but I felt seriously old...Korean ageism is really getting to me. And compared to my fellow highschool graduates I should be married and making babies, and preparing them for Feehan...right?

Another evening in 홍대 left me with a series of strange experiences, collected discomfort and of course, 소주....

"I always get like this when I go to 홍대."

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