Monday, April 2, 2012

전 Jeon with Alex

     전, or jeon is typically eaten as 안주~ (food partnered with alcohol) and typically on rainy days; but for my brother and I, these veggie packed pancakes are our childhood. My mom would usually make 호박전, (hobak) zucchini pancakes and they'd be perfect; crispy, hot, LOADED with zukes and requiring nothing but chopsticks! 전 is really easy to make too (flour, salt, water, veggies) but I didn't know this as a child. We weren't rich when we were young and these ingredients can fill hungry bellies up while keeping your wallet safe~ jeon is a treat! If and when my mom announced 전 night, waiting for the sun to set was painful. Now a days, I barely, if ever nom on any 전. The oil, flour, etc, bothers me, but it could be because every single one I've had here can't compete with mama beats cooking!
     The other day Alex claimed hunger and wasn't wanting barbecue or any animal parts, he was craving something crispy and "something you can eat." My place is by food street and there are loads of 안주 places, after walking in drizzle we found one open 전집 (pancake house) and ordered a plate of 전's and some 야채비빔밥 (vegetable bibimbap).
sauces and 반찬 (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Nearly all the jeon was vegan, there were some though designated for the brother. For 19,900원we got 빈대떡(bindaeddeok, soybean vegetable pancake), 파전 (pajeon, green onion pancake), 김치전 (kimchi pancake), 두부전 (dubu jeon, fried tofu), 생선전 (sangseon jeon, fried fish), 고기전 (gogi jeon, fried beef patty), 깻잎전 (kaennip jeon, sesame leaves filled with meat jeon), and 만두 (mandu, Korean dumpling). The staff was super nice and kept the meaty jazz closer to one another versus the safe ones!
전 platter~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
      The jeons were made egg-free and the portions were rather big. We ate this up free of 막골리(maekgoli) and rather happy about the 전 decision, though...mama beats owns in the 전 department~

     I've thoroughly enjoyed having Alex here, going out to eat alone isn't very fun and the portions in Korea are so big that you can't really finish everything by yourself. More posts to come...Alex edition~

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