Monday, April 2, 2012

Caffe Paws

So my brother is now flying over stateside and we've done a bunch of stuff while he was here...the next couple posts will be Alex editions~~

     Besides my brother being beyond AWEsome, he's down to go on hour long walks with me~ and he doesn't do the "we've got to get back" or time excuse...we just wander! I like being on the go and having a buddy makes it even more peaceful...I'm out of my head and it's safer, and all sorts of new spots are discovered!
     After a super long day, I wrapped up a long work day and Alex was all over Seoul meeting with old friends, he zipped over and we grabbed coffees and went for an excursion. After about 3 hours we stumbled upon a puppy cafe! The only other one I really know of is over in 홍대 and this one is only a 25 minute walk from my place!! This cafe is called Caffe Pawz!
     Puppy cafes don't pop up often, and I've never even heard of one stateside. And I love my Hamlet and 고구마 but I want to snuggle up with something that actually weighs something! Another coffee and we were settled in this beautiful open cafe crawling in pups of all sizes!
photo taken by VeganBeats
     The drinks are a bit steep but you're really paying for the environment and energy of the place! Where else can you play with pups while living in literal rooms?!
Squee~photo taken by VeganBeats
교대역 (Seoul University of Education station) line 2. Get out of exit 13 and walk straight for about 5-7 minutes, pass the University on your left. You will reach a four way, there take a walk for about 20 minutes or so, on your Left (across the street) will be Caffe Pawz!!..
bite bite bite~ photo taken by VeganBeats

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