Monday, April 9, 2012

LMFAO Seoul 2012

     This was another amazing, great, and party-rockin' weekend! My uncle's here, so we started it out with a reunion, caught up, exchanged idea,s kicked good!
     Then Saturday night, Jaxs and I went to LMFAO! Give me all the crap you want, I will lovingly take it because I LOVE LMFAO. They pump me up, make me feel damned GREAT, get me moving, make me more efficient, and kicked off my very own Seoul tour.
     When I first got here...I kicked it a lot...A LOT in 홍대, usually at Gorilla, right! And the music that got my hips rockin'round were the very lickin'n lyrics of Red Foo and Sky Blu! These guys are having fun, partying out, and are confident! Naturally...super sexy, fun-busting, dancing, shuffling spreaders!
     This was the FIRST time they were hitting Seoul and when the rumor hit the facebook wave about three months were purchased on the get go. On the way to the show, Jaxs and I scrounged around to find something to throw back, yes liquor~ no shots and Party Rock? phbbbt....get with it!
We hit up 7Monkeys cafe and double fisted wine...ahhh, we're such classy women!
We'll have the house wine AND a sparkling...(photo taken by VeganBeats)
     I took a bunch of video, a load of photos...all whilst smiling like a dopey-eyed Disney princess, and 'put my ass to work.' Jaxs was awesome and got standing tickets and due to good'ol Korean organizational- sloppiness, we were caged into a section closer to the stage. Then we met up with a friend who helped us out even MORE and brought us to the closest section. I'm so glad I hit up the bathroom several times before this, I was so excited...well you get it!
     My crummy iPhone photos do no justice, neither do the video clips but..when I mean great show...GREAT SHOW!!! (I'm still right up there with Belle currently)

     Considering how frequently LMFAO's songs are played in EVERY club, I surprised that this is their first time!
photo taken by VeganBeats
     I'm sorry in advance for cutting the video, this Veganbeater had some shufflin' to with it~
photo taken by VeganBeats
    I expected a fun performance but more so due to the music, but these guys, the WHOLE crew was AWESOME! Such wonderful, fun, positive, performers....ugh~ I want to be on the Party Rock Crew~~~
     We all know one of the most popular songs flowing through Seoul's, get them shufflin' pants on~
     They played 'Champagne Showers' and literally showered the crowd in champagne...of course all the audience ducked down and protected their perfect hair and glow-sticks...I stood shaking around, mouth open~ I don't care how sticky and rank I'm going to be, plus...more champagne for me^^*
Shufflin' snow~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     Okay, so this is my only guilt I have about my love for LMFAO...I didn't know who they were for a whole year after partying to them! I found out who they were after seeing their music video...and falling in love with that. I remember kicking it with friends and on a widescreen were crews of men shaking their junk and being confident sexy guys...then, right then..I fell in love. Sure, seeing the gyrating pelvises of an all male crew was great (O;- but it was the confidence that these men had...zebra speedos, ridiculous bright attire, goofing around...instant love~ Know the video?
     Damn~ Red Foo (swoon~) They played this and true to their video, and confidence...they were in their skivvies and strong, confident, party rockin' shufflers~
     I don't what it is with my "taste", my mom gives me a LOT of crap for it, but I have serious celebrity crushes on some interesting looking dudes. Red Foo (ughhh), Justin Hawkins (ai ai ai ai), Robert Francis, Giuseppe Andrews...tangent abort...more poor pics of the sexy Party Crew, but mostly Red Foo~
I'm Sexy and I Know IT~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
chyea~ photo taken by VeganBeats
photo taken by Jaxs
wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah~ photo taken by Jaxs
I work out~ photo taken by Jaxs
I'm Sexy and I KNOW IT~ photo taken by Jaxs
     Best show of the year, check..and I still, STILL Party Rockin, yes...
LMFAO cruised me snugly into Seoul, boosts my confidence and mood whenever I'm feeling a little low, makes my workouts more fun, my runs faster, my efficiency game face is ON when they are providing with a soundtrack...essentially, LMFAO is the garlic to my life~ (If my life was hummus...mmm)
photo taken by VeganBeats

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